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Harris, David (Pegasus e-mail software creator), 184 Harvard Business School, 303 Harvard University computer bug, 118 headhunters, 106-107 heads of agreement, 315-316 health and safety regulations, 174 hearing impaired, search engines and, 335-336 help, in-kind, 68-69 Help system, software customer support, 273 described, 143-144 importance, 140 Hi-Tech Start Up (Nesheim), 64 hives, 51 hoax, 314

Hobson Bates advertising agency, 200 Hoch, Detlev (Secrets to Software Success), 87 home button, Web site, 265 honesty, 285-286

Hopper, Commodore Grace (computer pioneer), 118 Houston attorneys, research on, 177 HTML (HyperText Markup Language) described, 323

header, meta name keywords, 330-331 titles, 331 human character, 43-44 human resource manager, 302 human spirit, freeing, 55-56

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