Get the Right People

With all programming projects time is at a premium. The last thing you can afford is to hire people who will waste time. The first thing you should be looking for is people who are familiar with the type of application and the critical programming issues. So if you are writing a design program, applicants who have trained and worked in graphics are heaven-sent. If specialist expertise is critical for your program, you must employ an applicant who has previous experience.

Such people can bring an intimate knowledge of the program application and coding solutions that an outsider could never guess. Their experience not only forms a fund of solutions to technical problems, it also enables them to code solutions in a form that customers expect. This avoids considerable rewriting if discovered in time. Otherwise, the software publisher has to convince prospective customers to live with an aberrated program. When programmers understand the application field, it is also much easier for them to implement client improvements and ward off suggestions that offer the end users no real advantage.

If you are initially unable to recruit staff of the caliber and background the project deserves, persevere. Do not advance from Go until you find them. You are always better off waiting for the right people to become available than attempting to make headway with incompetents. Everyone you hire should understand what the product does and why it's needed. If any person cannot see its justification or is morally or emotionally uncomfortable with the concept, it would be unfair to invite them to join the team.

Tip As you take each person on, take care to invest your money where your needs are.

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