Functional Characteristics

Most of us would expect that the more complex a project is the harder it will be to realize, but how do you measure complexity? Complexity is, by definition, complex. There is no simple, single solution, though several hundred people have tried. The sections that follow provide a brief outline of the six most widely used systems. All of them alert you to the complexity of the project you are undertaking by enabling you to compare what you plan with what happened on other similar projects. This allows you to make better-grounded decisions about the number and quality of people you are likely to need and the controls you may need to put in place. Understanding them and applying these complexity measurement systems takes time and the calculations are sometimes highly mathematical.

♦ Albrecht's Function Points

♦ Feature Points

♦ DeMarco's Bang Metric

♦ COnstructive COst MOdel (COCOMO)

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