Free Software

Free software isn't always the market spoiler that competitors anticipate. The cost of developing the program has got to be paid for by hook or by crook. Sometimes this is by consultancy; other times it is via on-going support. However, it can and does disturb the market, as it makes it harder for less well-heeled competitors to charge the proper up-front price to recoup their costs.

Note Even the largest armies are unable to cope with sustained attacks on two fronts. So be wary of unwittingly getting into a situation where you are releasing two new products simultaneously. Concentrate your firm's attention. Stagger your releases. It extends the press coverage. Unless you receive an invitation you can't refuse, don't attempt to expand into two countries at the same time. Even the top names seldom have sufficient resources to do justice to two projects simultaneously. Consider every move you make to be a strategic one and think it through accordingly.

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