Everyone knows that exhibitions are the places to go when you want to find out the latest about cars, furnishings, or fly-fishing. Computer exhibitions are one of the biggest of these draws. Choosing the right one, if indeed there is a choice, is the easy part. Don't worry if you can only afford a small stand in some corner at the back. Most visitors make a point of walking every inch of the venue. Exhibitions need more planning than you may anticipate when you courageously sign up for your space months in advance. Check whether backdrops and stand signs are provided. If you have to find your own, organize things so that they are inexpensive, reusable, easy to erect and strike, and will look good. This last is most important. Next you will need ample supplies of the following:

♦ All your literature

♦ Blow-ups of your proposition and your program's main points

♦ Desks, chairs, and computer equipment for full demonstrations

♦ Whatever else your ingenuity and purse can devise

Make sure the impression of your stand will give your visitors confidence. Being clever with limited resources is smart. Cutting obvious corners isn't. You will also need at least two competent people to man the stand who know the product inside out, who are good with people, and who will allow you to sneak around and see what everyone else is doing. It's great fun and it's exhausting.

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