End User

The end user is the client, the man, woman, or organization who actually buys your product to use. End users are the omega, the hero of every software entrepreneur's dream.

Tip If you are writing specialized software, such as that used in financial centers, it makes sense to bypass distributors and deal directly with dealers in Frankfurt, Tokyo, / London, New York, and so on.

Whether you are Bill Gates or Harold Doorknob, the first sale of your first product will almost certainly be a direct one between you and an end user. The user might be somebody who helped you develop the product or someone who found out about it and contacted you before any distribution was organized. Such contacts can provide an invaluable early warning system on what users are likely to think and the features that will finally convert them. They can show you how to sell your product before anyone else can.

Most ideas for software enhancements come from end users. Their suggestions are gold dust. While you will occasionally get a good idea from a dealer, it is almost unheard of from a distributor. So prize every direct sales contact.

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Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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