Direct Salespeople

You can employ salespeople yourself or hire them on a freelance basis. As a rule, freelancers will only sell yours or a limited number of non-competitive products. However, be warned: it's a rare salesperson who sells anything that cannot sell itself. They like the security of a successful company. If pressed about their lack of sales, they invariably plead a lack of advertising or a shortage of quality leads.

Be highly selective about who they approach. Salespeople are not missionaries. They are motivated by money. You are still responsible for training and backup.

Salespeople are usually remunerated on commission only or commission + basic salary. Given a choice, the better ones will go for commission only. They will only stay any length of time while the rewards stay interesting. The most effective salespeople often turn out to be the firm's principals.

Freelance Freedom Success as a Digital Freelancer

Freelance Freedom Success as a Digital Freelancer

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