Demonstration Builds

What will determine the selling success of your program isn't how good you think your program is. It's how easy it is for users to set up and use. So give a small panel of prospects a chance to try out your program as you get close to the end. Listen carefully to their comments. If, for instance, panel members do something unauthorized and your software doesn't even beep, you will realize that they've no idea what they ought to be doing. Give them a visual or audible clue. Improved customer confidence is the key to recommendations and cascading sales. Easy-to-use software is always easier to sell.

There is no substitute for being able to show a prospective user a working model of your program. Describing the product may enthuse him. Going into detail may get him interested. Writing an inspired project plan may tempt him into dipping his hand in his pocket. Mocking up key screens may even evoke suggestions, but there is no substitute for being able to demonstrate your program in action. Only then can it become real in the user's mind. Only then can he raise those devastating, sneaky questions that make you wonder why this or that had never occurred to you. Only by incorporating good answers can you turn objections into sales.

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