Choose the Right People

Managers complain about people like farmers complain about weather. In good times and bad, managers are heard to say, "It's terribly difficult to get good staff." Good people have never grown on trees so where do you find them? The fact is that most managers have never consciously worked out what is needed—like beauty they can recognize it but find it very hard to write a description.

Consider the people in your organization and work out who is making the real contributions and works well with the team. Work out why and write down their characteristic strengths. It is equally instructive to do the same exercise for features you don't like. You'll start building up four separate lists:

♦ The firm dislikes

♦ Individuals' likes

♦ Individuals' dislikes

Update these as you go, build up better insights. Knowing what you need makes it a lot easier to write job descriptions. Whether you are employing headhunters or writing your own job advertisements, you still need to know what your company needs.

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