Choice of Media

Whatever the ad's purpose, it either works or is wasted. For advertising to work you have to know where to contact your customers. Indeed, the selection of suitable media can be as relevant to returns as any creative approach. Banks, for instance, often target college students. They don't expect to make an immediate fortune, other than on overdrafts, but people are reluctant to switch banks often, so the banks are in there for the long haul. They'll make the real money in selling their customers mortgages for their homes, helping with stocks and savings, arranging their pensions, and finally executing their wills.

Similarly, Pepsi and Coca-Cola aim at young children in the belief that once smitten with their taste, they'll be repeat purchasers for the rest of their lives. The average American consumes 600 cans of soft drinks each year.

Anything that allows you to target your market precisely will make it possible to use insightful media and lift your sales figures.

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