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If you haven't got any big thinkers on your team, brainstorming sessions are the answer. Ideally, the entire team should attend and someone from marketing should be present so they are kept abreast of progress and can clarify questions that impinge on salability. Local telecommuters should also be invited. If they are based some distance away, set up a videoconference link or fly them in as common sense dictates.

The crucial thing about a brainstorming session is that no idea is wrong. The chairman may acknowledge the wackiest contribution. He may ask the contributor to elucidate. Anything further tends to be counterproductive.

Each idea should be recorded in a succinct and clear manner without comment. Arguments against the ideas tend to speak for themselves and one thought, in a free atmosphere, leads to another. The project manager should verify and sign the minutes and distribute them to all concerned.

Larger projects benefit from a short report at the end of each week noting progress and issues. Such reports, normally prepared by the project manager, do not have to be overtly formal and can either be handed around or distributed by e-mail.

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