Base Things on a Daily Build

The sooner you can start getting your program compilable, the sooner you can start testing it and the fewer bugs it is likely to have. If you are involved in a one-year project and the components only come together in the final month for testing, you are going to be faced with a swarm of bugs. There may be so many that the program can't even be tested as an entity. This is a recipe for disaster—different teams will blame others and you'll be lucky to get the code in on time.

Alternatively, get everyone to write their modules so they can all be compiled at an early stage. Admittedly, at the start the program is unlikely to do much, but you'll be able to produce a daily build and resolve issues on a day-by-day basis. By month 11 you'll have a development version that has already had 8 months of debugging done to it, which is an enormous help in completing on time.

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