Advertising Is Extremely Versatile

Even though your budget may only run initially to isolated ear spaces on either side of a magazine title, be aware that advertising can say almost anything on your behalf.

Advertising is a very flexible tool. It can announce that your product is now on the market. It can do all of the following:

♦ Supply details

♦ Correct misimpressions

♦ Spread the news of updates

♦ Give dealers confidence out of all proportion to the business it may bring

♦ Earn you better and fuller display positions

Advertisements can also be used for promotions, seeing off the competition, building new markets, extending a product's life, and reminding the market that your product is there.

With advertising you usually only have one shot. The prospect sees the ad, scans the headline, and maybe reads on but probably only for a little bit. So be aware that you have to hold the reader's interest for as long as possible after you have captured it. Most times you will only capture a fraction of the readers who open your page.

It used to be said that informative advertising (as opposed to ads aimed at a continuous roll of repeat impulse business) had to be repeated three or four times to reinforce the message so that people believe it. However, the real problem is that it takes this number of exposures to harvest most of the interested readers. Each time the ad appears, you gather in a swathe. After three or four tries you get stymied by diminishing returns. The ad costs more than the business it brings.

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