Any author's name on the spine covers a multitude of omissions—never more so than here.

Long before I put finger to keyboard, I dwelled on the subject until a strong and encompassing framework emerged. Before I took the monumental step of interrupting my career for nine months to write the book, I outlined the concept to a neighbor, who happens to be one of Europe's foremost publishing gurus. Jackie Douglas told me I didn't need to be certified to proceed. Through highs and lows, Jackie has been my guardian angel, dispensing support, direction, and the occasional quizzical look.

As fast as I could draft each chapter, I sent them over to my father, who edited them in real time. My greatest single "Thank you" goes to him. Having retired from running the first international Creative Consultancy, he took it upon himself to teach me the rudiments of writing. With his skill, quagmire was turned into crystal. For his support in this and everything else in my life, I am eternally grateful.

Before I dared show the manuscript to my publisher, individual chapters were vetted by colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic. The best recognition of their input is the incorporation of almost every point advanced.

Jonathan Graham, Mark Speller, and Philip White gave salutary feedback on finance from the funder's viewpoint.

Nick Alton, Martin Chesbrough, Nigel Cornwall, Charles Lecklider, Judith Maidens, Robert Neuschul, Mark Stanton, and Roger Wilson used their hundreds of years' experience to double-check the chapters on IT.

Clive Francis and Chris Miles similarly drove their way through the section on distribution.

A super heavyweight team comprising Nick Crossman, Tony Douglas, Jonathan Fisher, Stewart Hasted, Jeremy Spiller, and Peter Watson refined the sections on marketing, research, and selling. Together they helped condense what ordinarily covers hundreds of pages into the lucid distillation here.

And Chris Rowland checked the design issues all on his own.

Only then was I prepared to put my head above the parapet. Katie Mohr, my acquisitions editor, had the courage to run with the book. It gave me the greatest pleasure to sign with Wiley, vindicating her faith. And finally, the book was only fit to go to press after development editor Marcia Ellett waved her magic wand, or rather her editing pen, over it.

Together we produced what you read today. But without the endless patience, support, and coffee from my wife, Lis, the book would never have happened at all.

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