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How do companies design new products? Quite often, they get someone else to do it for them. That's where design firms such as ZIBA come in. ZIBA is one of a new breed of consultancies whose sole purpose is to help corporations better understand customer needs and turn that understanding in to groundbreaking new products.

The foundation for ZIBA's product development process is market research. That research seeks to understand the brand itself, the competition, and market trends. But most important, ZIBA's research efforts center on getting to know the customer. It has taken a novel approach to market research by utilizing the likes of social anthropologists and cultural ethnographers to get to the heart of what makes consumers tick. Their efforts often include actually following customers around, observing them in their natural environment, and understanding their experiences.

The unique focus that ZIBA takes has earned it contracts with major corporations including P&G, KitchenAid, Logitech, Microsoft, and Intel, as well as with various small start-up companies.

After viewing the video featuring ZIBA, answer the following questions about new-product development:

1. Illustrate some ways in which ZIBA engages In each phase of the marketing research process.

2. Discuss the various ways in which ZIBA's research efforts are focused on customer relationships.

3. Identify evidence of how ZIBA uses the information that it acquires to make marketing decisions.

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  • aira
    How does ziba focus on customer relationships in its design process?
    9 years ago

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