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The significant number of women in the workforce has spawned the child day care business and increased consumption of career-oriented women's clothing, financial services, and convenience foods and services. An example is Peapod, the leading Internet grocer in the United States. Using Peapod, instead of trekking to the grocery store, battling traffic, and waiting in line, busy working moms and dads can simply buy their groceries online. Peapod (which is actually owned by Dutch food retailer Royal Ahold) offers a virtual selection of more than 10,000 grocery store products and delivers customers' orders to their doorsteps. We "bring a world of food to your door," says Peapod—it's "the solution to today's busy lifestyles." Peapod fulfilled its 10 millionth order this year. More important, it figures that it has saved its busy customers about 10 million hours in trips to the grocery store.21

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