Reviewing Objectives and key Terms

Business markets and consumer markets are alike in some key ways. For example, both include people in buying roles who make purchase decisions to satisfy needs But business markets also differ in many ways from consumer mad ets For one thing, the business market is enormous, far larger than the consumer market Within the United States alone, the business marl et includes organizations that annually purchase trillions of dollars' ■■■vo'i.r ;;f vices j£flB83BI$i Define the business market and explain how business markets differ from consumer markets.

The business market comprises all organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services or for the purpose of reselling or renting them to others at a profit. As compared to consumer markets, business markets usually have fewer, larger buyers who are more geographically concentrated. Business demand is derived demand, and the business buying decision usually involves more, and more professional, buyers.

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

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