Positioning Maps

In planning their differentiation and positioning strategies, marketers often prepare perceptual positioning maps, which show consumer perceptions of their brands versus competing products on important buying dimensions. \ Figure 7.3 shows a positioning map for the U.S. large luxury sport utility vehicle market.30 The position of each circle on the map indicates the brand's perceived positioning on two dimensions—price and orientation (luxury versus performance). The size of each circle indicates the brand's relative market share.

Thus, customers view the original Hummer HI (the little dot in the upper right corner) as a very high-performance SUV with a price tag to match. The market-leading Cadillac Escalade is positioned as a moderately priced large luxury SUV with a balance of luxury and performance. The Escalade is positioned on urban luxury, and in its case, "performance" probably means power and safety performance. You'll find no mention of off-road adventuring in an Escalade ad. By contrast, Range Rover and Land Cruiser are positioned on luxury with nuances of off-road performance.

For example, A the Toyota Land Cruiser began in 1951 as a four-wheel drive, Jeep-like vehicle designed to conquer the world's most grueling terrains and climates. In recent years, Land Cruiser has retained this adventure and performance positioning but with luxury

Author I At the same time that it's Comment | answering the first simple-sounding question (Which customers will we serve?), the company must be asking the second question (How will we serve them?). For example, Ritz-Carlton serves the top 5 percent of corporate and leisure travelers. Its value proposition is "The Ritz-Carlton Experience"—one that "enlivens the senses, instills a sense of well-being, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests."

Product position

The way the product is defined by consumers on important attributes—the place the product occupies in consumers' minds relative to competing products.

Luxury Product Ads

Toyota's Land Cruiser retains some of its adventure and performance positioning but with luxury added.

added. Land Cruiser ads show the vehicle in adventurous settings, suggesting that it still has more trails to forge— "from the Dead Sea to the Himalayas," says the company's Web site. "Its husky VVT-i V8 will remind you of why Land Cruiser is a legend throughout the world." However, the company adds, "its available Bluetooth hands-free technology, DVD entertainment, and a sumptuous interior have softened its edges."

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