Today, armed only with a PC and a broadband connection, the little guy can take it public against corporate America. By listening and proactively responding to such seemingly uncontrollable environmental events, companies can prevent the negatives from spiraling out of control or even turn them into positives.

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neai Marketing 3.2 Continued buy up Web addresses for their firm names preceded by the words "lhate" or followed by "" For example, Procter & Gamble has registered and, interestingly, But this approach is easily thwarted, as Wal-Mart learned when It registered, only to find that someone else then registered

In general, attempts to block, counterattack, or shut down consumer attacks may be shortsighted. Such criticisms are often based on real consumer concerns and unresolved anger. Hence, the best strategy might be to proactively monitor these sites and respond to the concerns they express. "The most obvious thing to do is talk to the customer and try to deal with the problem, instead of putting your fingers in your ears," advises one consultant. For example, Home Depot CEO Francis Blake drew praise when he heeded the criticisms expressed in the MSN Money onslaught and responded positively. Blake posted a heartfelt letter in which he thanked critic Scott Burns, apologized to angry customers, and promised to make things better. He also created a new company site and a "dedicated taskforce" to deal specifically with Home Depot service problems. And within a month of the YouTube video, Apple fessed up to its misdeeds and replaced Michael Whitford's lap-' top. "I'm very happy now," says Whitford. "Apple has regained my loyalty. I guess I finally got their attention."

Many companies have now set up teams of specialists that monitor Web conversations and engage disgruntled consumers. Others hire firms such as BuzzLogic, which creates "conversation maps" tracking not just who's talking about a company's product but also which opinions matter most. BuzzLogic recently helped computer maker Lenovo head off its own Dell Hell moment. When tech-oriented blogger Rick Klau posted his frustrations over his Lenovo ThinkPad's faulty hard drive, BuzzLogic quickly picked up the post and alerted Lenovo. Within only a few hours, Klau received a phone call from David Churbuck, Lenovo's VP of global Web marketing. Churbuck offered to fix the problem, turning Klau's rants into raves. The good news was picked up by other bloggers before the bad news could catch fire.

Thus, by listening and proactively responding to seemingly uncontrollable events in the environment, companies can prevent the negatives from spiraling out of control or even turn them into positives. Who knows? With the right responses, might even become Then again, probably not.

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