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If you've ever complained to friends about a bad product or service experience, the marketer probably never heard you. That is, until now. If you complain on a social networking site, you just might get a response. Infegy, Inc., is just one of many businesses that offer the opportunity for other businesses to monitor their Web presence through the eyes of the average Web user. Infegy offers its clients a product called Social Radar. It measures public opinion, pinpoints key influences, and monitors trends. Social Radar can not only alert the business that its products and services are being discussed on a forum or featured in blog, they can also pinpoint where these comments are coming from, how many people are reading them, and whether they are complimentary or not. The system can also pick up on competitors' products and services and provide feedback on comments made on those too. Infegy, like other social-site monitoring companies, can help its clients to make the best use of the data.

1. Search "social media monitoring" on a search engine to find companies specializing in monitoring social media. Many of these sites discuss examples of how businesses use their service. Discuss two examples in which businesses used social media monitoring successfully.

2. Monitoring "tagging" is hailed as the way to keep tabs on the Internet. Explain what is meant by a "tag" and explain why monitoring such tags is beneficial for marketers.

Make Money Messing Around On Facebook

Make Money Messing Around On Facebook

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