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3PM describes itself as Britain's biggest online magazine subscription agency. Some 50,000 people visit 3PM's Web site every week. In 2007, the company generated some 100,000 paid-for subscriptions for magazine publishers. The publishers only pay on the results generated by 3PM, which amounts to around $24 for each order. 3PM's Web site includes the following copy designed to entice publishers: "As well as being listed on our main site at and our many partner and affiliate sites, we use the full range of online marketing tools to give you maximum exposure in the marketplace." In order to achieve this, 3PM uses search-engine marketing on Google and similar sites, affiliate networks, white-label sites for retailers and charities (generic sites firms can customize with their own information), and e-mail lists for marketing purposes.

As of late 2008, 3PM was advertising over 500 magazine titles from over 120 companies on its site, including every major British magazine publisher. Each magazine advertised features a large, full-color cover image and accompanying descriptive copy. Various offers are rotated on and off 3PM's home page, and the site has "hot spots" with constantly changing information. 3PM is also expanding worldwide and is looking for partners in other countries, along with magazine publishers with existing customer lists.

1. How does a service such as 3PM benefit to both readers and publishers?

2. Is there a similar service in your own country? To what source do readers in your country and elsewhere turn to for subscriptions to international magazines?

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