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Mobile marketing is touted as the next "big thing," offering the promise of connecting with consumers on the most personal medium—their cell phones. Technological advances are letting marketers send not only text messages to cell phones but also video messages. Although there are still technical roadblocks stifling rapid expansion of this marketing method, some experts claim that marketers had better jump on this bandwagon or risk being left behind.

In Turkey, advertising agency Aerodeon ran a campaign for Pepsi in the first three months of 2008. The purpose of the campaign was to encourage customers to express their emotions using Pepsi "Emoticons." Customers were encouraged to text a unique code found under the Pepsi lids and pull tabs to "Turkcell 3323." They could also enter via the website

Prizes were also offered. The first participant per hour would win an iPod Touch. Other prizes included Turkcell credits and airtime, mobile games, and wallpapers. Backing up the campaign were other business-to-business campaigns, promotions in retail outlets, and other venues. The campaign was an enormous success with almost 8.5 million people participating. It has been the most successful mobile campaign to date in Turkey.

1. Visit the Mobile Marketing Association's Web site at www. and click on "Resources" and then "MMA Member Case Studies" on the left. Discuss one case study and describe the factors you think made that application of mobile marketing a success.

2. Analysis is an important first step in the marketing management process. The rapid advance in mobile technology poses opportunities as well as threats for marketers. Discuss both the opportunities and threats for marketers.

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