Discussing applying the concepts

Discussing the Concepts

1. Define strategic planning and briefly describe the four steps that lead managers and the firm through the strategic planning process. Discuss the role marketing plays in this process.

2. Describe the Boston Consulting Group's approach to portfolio analysis. Briefly discuss why management may find it difficult to dispose of a "question mark."

3. Name and describe the four product/market expansion grid strategies. KFC is now rolling out a new Kentucky Grilled Chicken line to add to its traditional fried chicken lineup. Which growth strategy does this represent?

4. Discuss the differences between market segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. What two simple questions do they address?

5. Define each of the four Ps. Does the four Ps framework do an adequate job of describing marketer responsibilities in preparing and managing marketing programs? Why? Do you see any issues with this framework in relation to service products?

6. What is return on marketing investment? Why is it difficult to measure?

Applying the Concepts

1. Explain what a SWOT analysis involves. Develop a SWOT analysis for a travel agency in your community.

2. In a small group, discuss whether the following statement from Egypt's leading mobile operator, Mobinil (with 16 million customers) meets the five criteria of a good mission statement: "To maintain our position as the leading mobile service provider in Egypt, providing the best quality service to our customers, the best working environment for our employees, top value for our shareholders and proudly contributing to the development of our community."

3. Explain the role of a chief marketing officer (CMO). Learn more about this C-level executive position and find an article that describes the importance of this position, the characteristics of an effective CMO, or any issues surrounding this position.

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  • battista pagnotto
    Why manager may find it difficult to dispose of question marks?
    8 years ago
  • Torsten
    Why management may find it difficult to dispose of a question mark?
    8 years ago
  • rocco
    Why difficult to dispode of a question mark?
    8 years ago

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