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Discussing the Concepts

1. Discuss how retailers and wholesalers add value to the marketing system. Explain why marketers are embracing the concept of shopper marketing.

2. Different types of customers and products require different amounts of service. Discuss the different levels of retailer service and give one example of each.

3. Discuss the different organizational approaches for retailers and provide an example of each.

4. What is the wheel-of-retailing concept? Does it apply to online retailing?

5. What is retail convergence? Has it helped or harmed small retailers?

6. Explain how wholesalers add value in the channel of distribution.

Applying the Concepts

1. Choose three retailers that you buy from often. Classify these retailers in terms of the characteristics presented in the chapter. Next, use Table 13.1 to categorize each retailer.

2. Deciding on a target market and positioning for a retail store are very important marketing decisions. In a small group, develop the concept for a new retail store. Who is the target market for your store? How is your store positioned? What retail atmospherics will enhance this positioning effectively to attract and satisfy your target market?

3. Suppose that you are a manufacturer's agent for three lines of complementary women's apparel. Discuss what types of marketing mix decisions you will be making.

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  • danielle
    What is retail convergence .has it helped or harmed small retailers?
    3 years ago
  • Catherine
    How retailers and wholesalers add value to the marketing system.?
    1 year ago

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