Discussing applying the concepts

Discussing the Concepts

1. What is sustainable marketing? Explain how the sustainable marketing concept differs from the marketing concept and the societal marketing concept.

2. Marketing's impact on individual consumers has been criticized. Discuss the issues relevant to this impact.

3. Discuss the types of harmful impact that marketing practices can have on competition and the associated problems.

4. Can an organization focus on both consumerism and environmentalism at the same time? Explain.

5. Describe the five sustainable marketing principles and explain how companies benefit from adhering to them.

6. Good ethics is the cornerstone of sustainable marketing. Explain what this means and discuss how companies practice good ethics.

Applying the Concepts

1. The Federal Republic of Germany is a member state of the European Union, and is bound by EU consumer protection directives. In 2002 a large amount of this legislation became part of the German Civil Code. Who is the federal cabinet minister responsible and which court handles consumer protection in Germany?

2. In a small group, discuss each of the morally difficult situations in marketing presented in Table 20.1. Which philosophy is guiding your decision in each situation?

3. The Virtual Global Taskforce (http://www.virtualglobaltaskforce. com) is made up of the Australian Federal Police, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre in the United Kingdom, the Italian Postal and Communication Police Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Interpol. What are its goals and how might marketers have to be aware when they design online marketing activities?

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