Discussing applying the concepts

Discussing the Concepts

1. How do consumers respond to various marketing efforts the company might use? List the buyer characteristics that affect buyer behavior and discuss which one(s) influence you most when making a new car purchase decision.

2. Name and describe the types of consumer buying behavior. Which one would you most likely use if deciding on a laptop computer purchase and which for picking a restaurant for dinner?

3. Explain the stages of the consumer buyer decision process and describe how you or your family went through this process to make a recent purchase.

4. How might a marketer influence a consumer's information search through each of the four information sources discussed in the chapter?

5. What is a "new" product and how do consumers go about deciding whether to adopt a new product?

6. What product characteristics influence an innovation's rate of adoption? Discuss the characteristics of mobile navigation systems in relation to the rate of adoption.

Applying the Concepts

1. Marketers often target consumers before, during, or after a trigger event, an event in one's life that triggers change. For example, after having a child, new parents have an increased need for baby furniture, clothes, diapers, car seats, and lots of other baby-related goods. Consumers who never paid attention to marketing efforts for certain products may now be focused on ones related to their life change. In a small group, discuss other trigger events that may provide opportunities to target the right buyer at the right time.

2. You are the vice president of marketing for a small software company that has developed new and novel spam-blocking software. You are charged with selecting the target market for the product launch. Discuss the adopter groups shown in Figure 5.7 and explain how this knowledge can help you with your targeting decision.

3. How did you decide on the college or university you are currently attending? Describe the factors that influenced your decision and the decision-making process you followed.

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    How trigger events provide opportunities to target the right buyer?
    8 years ago
  • Ulla
    How the knowledge of adopter groups help targeting decision?
    8 years ago
  • Roosa
    Which one(s) influenced you most when making a newcar purchase decision?
    6 years ago
  • marco pfeiffer
    How do consumers respond to various marketing efforts the company might use?
    6 years ago

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