Applying the Concepts

1. Visit or another free online Web survey site. Using the tools at the site, design a five-question survey on the entertainment opportunities in your area. Send the survey to six friends and look at the results. What did you think of the online survey method?

2. Assume you are interested in opening a children's retail clothing store specializing in upscale children's fashions for newborns through 10-year-olds. You are unsure whether there is enough demand in your area to be profitable. In a small group, discuss what information you need before making this decision and decide on which secondary sources can provide that information. Furthermore, assume you plan to conduct a survey to better estimate demand for this product and describe the best primary data collection method for your needs.

3. One source of competitive marketing intelligence is a company's Web site. Visit Apple's Web site ( to search for information that might be useful to competitors. Write a brief report of what you found.

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