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This is a platform that lets you play a game and earn some money. You can join to play new and unreleased games, take online surveys, participate in focus groups, try new games, gaming consoles or controllers, preview new movie or game trailer, or review new games on an hourly basis. The platform features games from notable brands such as Rockstar, Nintendo, EA, Gameloft, Bungie, Arari, Mojang, and many more. Video Game Tester is simply like working online. It is perfect for unemployed, those who want to earn from the side, or if you are just bored and want to pass some times by playing video games. Big gaming companies usually hire people to test and review their video games for glitches. They want honest feedback from testers so they can make changes before launching the game or for future references. The testers are usually paid a fortune just to identify bugs and glitches in a game.

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Video Games Attempt to Go Mainstream in the United States and Europe

In a market where many advertisers are slashing their budgets, the video game industry is taking just the opposite approach.The industry has unleashed a billion-dollar bombardment of IMC communications designed to make Mario the plumber and Munch the Gabit household names as common as Harry Potter or Britney Spears. The objective of the marketing blitz is to transform the video game from a niche market to as common an activity as watching television or going to the movies. Sony (PlayStation2), Nintendo (GameCube), and Microsoft (Xbox) have all recently redesigned their video games in an attempt to penetrate as many living rooms as possible while ushering in the next generation of digital entertainment.

Apps Created from Other Platforms

Provided you have the rights to a PC or Mac application, you can develop the application for the iPhone. Many successful games were originally developed from the success of PC or Mac-based games. If you happen to like computer games, you can always check with the developer company of that game to see if they would like to collaborate on building a similar game for the iPhone.

Step 2 Find out what they want

Now type the keyword you are searching for in the search box video games in our example. In our example 3865518 Video game 187804 Video game cheat 21596 Used video game 19887 Video game rental 1. Find Video Games at Brady Distributing Visit Brady Distributing to get low prices on high quality commercial video games, foosball tables and more. We have been specializing in coin operated arcade games since 1944. www.bradydist.corn We stock a huge assortment of video games for, x box, PS2, and garnecube, Our video game prices are low on the net, come take a look and save, 3. Get Paid to Play Video Games if you love to play video games, software companies need you. Learn how to turn your fun into a great salary, www.netcitydowrtloads.corn 4. Rant Video Games - Two Games ilS Month Buy and sell new, used, refurbished and overstock items at eBay's, Find great prices on over SO million computers, electronics, video games, DVDs, CDs, books and more every day....

The growth phase of technology how do you establish a technological standard

The worldwide market for PC processors, leaving most of the rest to AMD, which holds 15.6 of the market Taiwan's Via Technologies and Transmeta accounted for the remainder. Similarly, in the PDA market, the two leaders represent 81 of the total market in video game stations, three firms control virtually the entire market. Similarly, in the computer database software area, the top five relational database software companies represent nearly 90 of sales worldwide. Dynamic random access memory (DRAM), the most common kind of random access memory (for personal computers and workstations), reflects slightly less dominance, with four leading companies representing 73 of the market. Finally, the five biggest players in the PC market represent 40 of the market.

The Gods Themselves Coming to Your Home Soon

The inferno had been lit by the release of the worst game in computing history, an E.T. title based on the movie of the same name. Unleashed on an unsuspecting American public just in time for the 1982 Christmas season, E.T.'s idiotic story line, ugly graphics, and tedious and illogical game play transformed what was supposed to be a treasured holiday gift into a lump of coal left under the tree. The game was sold in the hundreds of thousands during the holiday season1 and carted back to stores in almost equal numbers after the season was over, the deluge of returns driven by the screams and wails of America's disappointed tykes. Almost single-handedly, E.T. the game destroyed the American video game industry of the 1980s and transformed Atari's 2600 cash cow game console into cow flop in the living room. The market wouldn't recover from the E.T. debacle until Japanese manufacturer Nintendo revived it by ensuring that only games that adhered to basic standards of quality control...

Knowing Customers and Markets

A marketer must know not only the needs, but also the wants and the demands of target or potential markets. Needs are the basic human requirements, such as the need for food or shelter, but also the need for communication, entertainment, or education. The needs turn into wants when they are directed to specific categories of products that might fulfill the need. For entertainment, a male teenager will play with a video game while an adult will look for a movie on network TV, on cable, or even at the nearest video rental store. Wants are driven by different factors, which are detailed in the following section. Demands are wants that can materialize thanks to money and some purchasing power. Many western consumers want broadband with unlimited access to Internet connected to a sophisticated home cinema system. Only a few are able and willing to buy that.

From Product Loser To Product Leader

Most people probably don't know that Nintendo was founded way back in 1889. Obviously, Nintendo did not make video games back then. It began as a playing cards manufacturer. But it also found success in hotels, packaged foods, and toys. When it came time to revive itself as a veteran in the video game industry, Nintendo did something that it had done time and time again. It focused on customers to find true opportunities. For the video game industry, the customer typically means one of two groups the 18- to 35-year-old hard-core gamers and the children teenagers. The industry earns most of its revenue and profits from these core consumers who spend a great deal of time and money enhancing their virtual skills. Over the years, as hardware became more sophisticated and games more realistic, these tech junkies were all the more pleased. But at the core of the Wii's broad appeal lies a revolutionary motion-sensing wireless technology that forces the once sedentary gamer to get up off the...

Nintendo Reviving A Company

In the world of video games, Nintendo has been a household name for nearly three decades. After all, it was one of the pioneers of home video game consoles with the Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 1980s. It continued as the market leader with its Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 systems. But in the mid-1990s, all that began to change. Along came Sony with its Playstation and Playstation 2, and Microsoft introduced the Xbox. Before long, Nintendo was reduced to a fraction of its former glory, running a distant third in a highly competitive market.

Demographic Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation

LEGO's product for the new millennium is Mindstorm, intelligent LEGO bricks. The result of a ten-year, DKrlOO million project with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the bricks are programmed via an infrared transmitter connected to a Pentium-powered PC. According to LEGO's Tormod Askildsen 'It can be used to make all kinds of devices', such as an intruder alarm set up to empty ping pong balls on an unsuspecting parent visiting a child's room. LEGO has great faith in Mindstorm's ability to enliven stagnant toy sales and woo children away from the virtual world of computer games. It also claims that the intelligent bricks appeals to girls as much as boys.12

Downward pressure on price

This refers simply to the fact that it is possible to respond more quickly to the demands of the marketplace with online pricing. For some product areas such as ticketing it may be possible to dynamically alter prices in line with demand. adjusts concert ticket prices according to demand and has been able to achieve 45 more revenue per event as a result. The authors suggest that in this case and for other sought-after items such as video games or luxury cars, the Internet can actually increase the price since there it is possible to reach more people.

The physical and virtual value chain model

Virtual Value Chain Model

The last step is to extract information of one stage of the virtual value chain and turn it into new spin-off products or services. For example, parcels automated tracking data used originally for internal logistics can be repackaged and made available (or sold) on line to consumers. Similarly, digitally captured product designs can be converted or adapted as multimedia software for PC or video game stations. That has worked quite well for Ubisoft whose game, Enter the Matrix, was the number-one selling video game worldwide and the fastest selling movie-based video game in history. The game is directly using the actors, sets, and crew from the blockbuster film, The Matrix Reloaded, and includes some footage shot exclusively for the game.

Computer gaming even bigger than the movie business

The advergaming business alone is expected to grow to a billion-dollar industry by 2008. In the same period, the market for cell-phone games is expected to grow to US 1.7 billion.The video game market generates billions of dollars more revenue than Hollywood every year. ACNeilsen predicts that within just four years the film industry will be only one third the size of the computer games market.1 If you want to see an early indication of this, in its first weekend on sale, the computer game Halo 2 generated sales of over US 125 million, while The Incredibles, the number one film in the country opening the same weekend, grossed US 70 million. But to exploit the computer games sector fully, it needs more than an awareness of how big the potential market is. Marketers must appreciate what makes gaming so different from other media.

Ingame advertising and marketing

This is similar to buying a 30-second ad slot in a television programme, or buying hoardings at a sporting event - except that the medium is a computer game that plays on one of the popular platforms such as Xbox, PS2, or PC. By riding on the back of the game, advertisers can get their message out to a target audience. Buzz is often created, especially if there is a topical link in the real world. For example, FIFA's branding can be found on the promotional hoardings featured in the computer game FIFA 2006, which in the run-up to the football World Cup 2006, will be the focus of a great deal of gameplay and buzz. Other less topical examples include the McDonald's brand being featured in The Sims. This technique is still capable of generating some buzz, but on a limited scale (there will be some kudos attached to eating at McDonald's in The Sims, so it is likely to be talked about).

Classifying Competitors

Competition is triggered when different industries try to serve the same customer needs and demands. For example, a customer's entertainment needs may be filled by television, sports, publishing, or travel. New industries may also enter the arena to satisfy entertainment needs. In the early 1980s, for example, the computer industry entered the entertainment field with video games.

Consumption Communities

Those who attend competitive sports events were more likely than people in the other consumption communities to play or buy video games and watch comedy shows (see Table 1.4). The video game relationship seems reasonable in that those who play video games compete by certain rules, sometimes in group settings. This relationship might also have something to do with having children at home. It turned out that over 63 of people in this community had at least one child living at home (versus 46 for those who did not attend competitive sports).

The future of advergaming multiplayer interactivity makes it massive

Massive multiplayer games are reshaping the computer games industry, connecting players around the globe in virtual worlds such as Sony's Everquest or Final Fantasy. In 2004, the virtual character of a player who had completed 74 levels of Final Fantasy was sold to another player for US 1200. Spider Venom, a valuable item to have in the game Everquest, has sold for US 700 on online gaming accessories websites. These are indicators of the fanatic loyalty and value players place on their identities in these worlds. In The Sims Online from EA, the characters now live in a branded world, where they can purchase McDonald's franchises and sell the products to other players earning virtual money. Eating the food increases the players standing in the game.12 Now, with the low cost of game console units combined with highspeed broadband Internet connectivity, all major video game consoles such as Nintendo's GameCube, Sony's Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox are rolling out multiplayer modems...

Case Study 3 Reebok Shawn Kemp Kamikaze Ad

According to Reebok's marketing manager, Jeremy O'Rourke, the ad simply combines two popular teenage activities, basketball and video games, and translates these through Shawn Kemp's kamikaze style ofplay in order to reach their intended target market. But, this argument did not sway the TVCAB. For example, during his appearance on TV3's Ralston program, Winston Richards countered Reebok's O'Rourke

Participating in Forums Newsgroups and IVcb Communities

Bulletin board systems (BBSs) are specialized online services that centre on a specific topic or group. These deal with a wide range of topics, from holidays find health to computer games and property. Marketers might want to identify and participate in newsgroups and BB.Ss that attract subscribers who fit their target markets. However, like newsgroups, BBS users often resent commercial intrusions on their Net space, so the marketer must tread carefully, participating in subtle ways that provide real value to participants.

The Third Wave of iPhone Adoption

The last major groups to embrace the iPhone were college students and video game enthusiasts, or gamers. This group really valued the entertainment potential for the iPhone, as well as the capability to engage in social networking and connect with friends through text and picture messaging. They wanted the device because it was cool and entertaining, and could play music. In some cases, it also allowed students to postpone the purchase of a laptop, instead relying on the iPhone and a desktop computer or a computer lab for more time-intensive computing. The iPhone was functional and fun, and for most, it was a status symbol.

Strategic Planning And Marketing Organization

Experience has shown, however, that marketing definitely has an important strategic role to play. How neglect of marketing can affect strategy implementation and performance can be illustrated by Atari's problems. This company had been a pioneer in developing video games. Because of negligence in marketing, however, Atari failed to realize how quickly the market for video games would mature. Atari based earnings projections on the assumption that demand would grow at the same rate as in the past and that the company would hold its share of the market. But its assumption proved to be wrong. The market for video games grew at a much lower rate than anticipated.

Viral agent formats risks and issues

As for ARGs, it's difficult to see how they can really be integrated successfully into an overall marketing strategy. They can certainly work in an entertainment context, such as promoting a film or video game as Beta-7 for Sega's ESPN NFL Football18 and 'ilovebees' for Microsoft Xbox's Halo 219 have done. But they are aimed at people who love mysteries and puzzles and have a lot of time on their hands. As a viral mechanic, ARGs may well be too involved and expensive for the vast majority of mainstream brands looking for mass-market reach.They are reminiscent of the BMW Films project20 - one of those brand-building initiatives that are high-risk. If pulled off, they create a lot of noise, which you would expect after having so much money thrown at them, but they are unlikely ever to be a mechanic that most brands can integrate into their core marketing strategy.

The History of Mobile Network Technologies

Mobile Network History

Developed in 1994 but popularized in the late 1990s, Bluetooth technology uses radio broadcast to allow multiple proximal devices to recognize each other and send information between them wirelessly. When multiple Bluetooth devices are linked in a group, it is called a personal area network (PAN). Bluetooth can connect many devices, including mobile phones, computers, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles, and allow them to pass information back and forth.

Mobile Game Applications

Good or bad, no one can deny that video games have made their mark on our society. Some of the first auxiliary programs that were added to mobile phones were simple games such as Brick Breaker and Mine Sweep. But as mobile phones have become more sophisticated, so have the mobile video games.

Producing alternate reality games supercharging brand communications

These projects require a lot of planning, preparation and innovative creative work (that is why it's appropriate to see a strategic component in them as well), but the reward is that they can entice large audiences to interact with a brand's communication at a highly intense level. Results Halo 2 had more than 1.5 million pre-orders before reaching the retail shelves, achieved sales worth US 125 million on the first day, and is considered the most successful video game launch to date.45,46 (It should be noted, however, that industry experts thought the fact that the original Halo was popular also helped push pre-sales.)


For example, if you want to make money from people clicking on Google Adsense adverts then your term should be broad so that you get as many visits as possible, an example would be video games . It doesn't matter that your keyword isn't targeted because you're probably not trying to sell a product on this type of site. However, if you are selling a specific product, your keyword phrase should be targeted so that the visitors see exactly what they were searching for when they reach your site. So staying on the video games theme, a targeted keyword phrase would be halo 3 baseball cap . It is very important that you realise the main difference between the two and that is video games is a browsing keyword whereas halo 3 baseball cap is a buying keyword. You will get less traffic with this broad phrase but you will convert more visitors in to sales with the targeted model.


No one knows how your software will be used in the future or what other tasks it may be called on to perform when circumstances change. The spur for this may be a commercial opportunity or sheer desperation. Eidos, who is now known as the highly successful manufacturer of Lara Croft games, started out in 1990 producing video-editing software on the old Acorn Archimedes computer. This brilliant program was far ahead of its time. Sales never got off the ground. However, the company recognized the value of some of its key modules and adapted them for the high-speed video compression components required by modern computer games. If their premature program had not been flexible the corporation would have died. Flexibility is good business insurance.

Product Placement

Historically, strategic product placement has been included in TV shows and movies. Advertisers pay for the right to have a product, logo, or advertisement featured in a movie or popular TV show. The best example of this is BMW's longstanding relationship with James Bond films. The elaborately equipped cars that Agent 007 drives in his films are always BMWs, and BMW pays for that privilege. As video games grow in importance and trade off with people's consumption of other media, product placement has spread into this channel as well. The final option for mobile marketing in video game applications is through game sponsorship. In this model, a product or brand pays for the right to run short advertisements or promotions before or after the game is played. These short ads are called pre-roll or post-roll promotions, and advertisers can choose to sponsor entire games or share sponsorship with other advertisers. These advertisements can be still or animated, depending on the game, and...

Trade magazines

Every industry has its specialized publications that often have global coverage, like Flight International, Journal of Electronic Defense, Jane's International Defense Review, European Polymer Journal, IEEE Communications Magazine, or Telecommunications Magazine. For computers, there are more than 100 publications in circulation some of those publications target professionals, such as Computerworld or Wired others are aimed at consumers like PC Magazine or Gamefan magazine, as well as Nintendo Power or PlayStation Magazine, among the various video game magazines.


Harvey Smith, lead designer of the award-winning computer game ''Deus Ex'', has a vision of where simulations are headed ''The games of the future will rely heavily on much more complex, high fidelity world representations that will allow for more emergent behavior and unforeseen player interactions. Taken together, these next-generation design paradigms are not simply improvements over older models, but represent a fundamentally different approach to simulating real-world physics, handling artificial intelligence and interface usability.''3 The US Army thinks simulation works. It spent over 7 million and three years developing a video game called ''America's Army'' which has been described as ''The Sims'' with barracks, M-16s and military prison. The game was launched on 4 July 2002 and within 36 hours several hundred thousand copies had been downloaded from 110 servers. The aim of the game is to teach potential recruits what it really means to be a soldier from training camp through...

What is Marketing

Everyone knows something about 'hot' products. When Sony designed its first Walkman cassette and disc players, when Nintendo first offered its improved video game console, and when The Body Shop introduced animal-cruelty-free cosmetics and toiletries, these manufacturers were swamped with orders. They had designed the 'right' products not 'me-too' products, but ones offering new benefits. Peter Drucker, a leading management thinker, has put it this way 'The

Lego Group

LEGO Group, me Danish toy company, ertjoyed a 72 percent 91 otoaI market share 01 the construction-toy market but children were spending more of Ihelf spare time with video games, computers, and television and less time with traditional toys, Logo recognized the need to change or expand its market space, it rede -lined its ruarkel space as family edutainment, which included toys, education, interactive technology, soU-ware, computers, sad consumer eteclrc-nics. All involved exercising the mind and having tun, Pad of LEGO Group's plan Is to capture an increasing share of customer spending as children become young adults and h then parents.


In the early 1980s, no home could be without a video game console and a dozen cartridges. By 19S3 Atari, Coieco, Mattel and a dozen other companies offered some version of a video game system and industry sales topped S3.2 billion. Then, by 1985, home video game sales had plummeted to S100 million. Game consoles gathered dust and cartridges, originally priced as high as 35 each, sold for 5. Industry leader Atari, a subsidiary of Warner Communications, was hardest hit. Warner fired Atari's president, sacked 4,500 employees, and sold the subsidiary at a fraction of its 1983 worth. Industry experts blamed the death of the video game industry on fickle consumer tastes. Video games, they asserted, were just another fad. However, one company, Nintendo, a 100-year-old toy company from Kyoto, Japan, did not agree, in late 1985, on top of ruins of the video game business, the company introduced its Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Jtist one year later, Nintendo had sold over 1 million NES...

Aggressive pricing

Read the newspaper report about SAWA, a computer games company which is introducing a new low-priced product to help win a bigger market share. Then fill each gap in the report with a phrase from the box. The Japanese computer games company SAWA is planning an October launch for a new game called Bird. The development of the game lias taken two years but (I) advance orders are impressive. The company expects Margins in computer games are usually high, but SAWA has