You and your spouse dine that evening at a delightful new restaurant and later attend a play that has received rave reviews

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All in all, you think that this has been a perfect day. Generally speaking, whether your days are challenging or fun-filled, you are very happy. You've discovered that lifestyle and freedom of choice, are the true benefits of self-employment.

Granted, as an entrepreneur, there won't be anyone to shake your hand and show you the door in thirty-five years. However, based on the incomes of successful Internet marketing entrepreneurs, you probably won't have to work for thirty-five years. With careful planning, it may take no more than five or ten years for you to build a VERY comfortable retirement fund. After achieving that goal, you'll still be having too much fun too stop working.

From my perspective, this lifestyle portrait of an affiliate marketer is completely accurate - your commute may be a little shorter.

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