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In the past I used Wordtracker and Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool exclusively to generate huge lists of keywords and phrases related to my intended topic. I would then transfer all that data into an Excel spreadsheet and write titles and descriptions for my pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

It was a time-consuming process.

Now there is software that can save you a ton of research time. Each of the following 3 programs allows you to search for keywords and their related Google AdWords and Overture campaigns using only one program. They all have similar functions and are fairly close in price.

The most beneficial aspect of all three programs is that you can immediately see whether you can get on the first page of results for the minimum bid amount. For example, if Google returns less than 8 current campaigns for a particular term, you know you can advertise that term for .05. Similarly if Overture returns less than 40 campaigns, you can get on the first page of returns for only a dime.

Both Adword Analyzer and Keywords Analyzer allow you to search by 'datacenter'. For example, if you are targeting U.K. customers, you can choose to see returns from only U.K. advertisers.

1. Adword Analyzer - Particularly handy in Adword Analyzer are the clickable keywords which allow you to 'drill down' and search further on a specific term. Adword Analyzer also produces links to existing advertising campaigns for each keyword phrase returned.

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