Rosalind Gardners success with affiliate marketing on the Internet is proof positive that Anyone can succeed in an Internet business

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After working as an air traffic controller for almost twenty years, the crazy schedules had started to seriously affect her health. She knew she had to leave the job before it killed her.

In 1997 after seeing a banner ad for the One and Only dating service offering webmasters a chance to make money with their web sites, she KNEW she had to give it a try.

The rest, as they say, is history. In 2000, well supported by her various online businesses, she left her job.

With nothing other than an intense desire to leave her job, she proved that business or web design experience weren't necessary to succeed on the 'Net.

Her interviews appear in Corey Rudl's 'Secrets to Their Success',, and Jason Alexander's 'Achieve Net Profits' as well as in glossy magazines such as Six Figure Income Magazine. The Secrets to Their Success interview was featured in an issue of Small Business Opportunities magazine. Many of her Internet marketing colleagues have written about her success, as has Allan Gardyne of ''.

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