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It's always easier to tackle a big project, when you break it down into manageable steps. Taken step-by-step, you'll soon find that you're making money on the Web! Here are the 5 basic steps involved in building an affiliate business.

Market Research - What will your site be about? First you'll brainstorm a number of possible topics for your site. Then you'll assess demand, supply and the potential for profit in your chosen topic with easy-to-use tools.

• Find Merchants - Once you know that your idea is potentially profitable, you'll find merchants with affiliate programs. We research the programs we locate to determine product quality.

• Choose Products - Now that we know your topic idea is potentially profitable and supported by affiliate programs, it's time to register a domain name and web hosting for your site.

• Plan & Build Your Site - Now that you've found merchants and products, you'll register a domain name and web hosting. Next, you'll create a site outline and write product endorsements for two or three of the products and services you plan to sell.

• Market Your Site - Once your site is online, it's time to bring visitors to your site. Have them sign up for your newsletter to build a huge opt-in list.

After your visitors buy copious amounts of your affiliate products and services, you'll deposit numerous large checks into your checking account. You will then repeat the process all over again with one of the other topics you chose in step number one.

Those are the five basic steps to building your own lucrative affiliate business. Let's get started!

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