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3. Telephone - Cable and/or DSL Internet connections may not be available in your area. You must then connect to the Internet using a modem and your telephone line.

Telephone service is also necessary when you want to call your friends to tell them that you've received your first affiliate check for five whole bucks.

Think I'm kidding? Just wait and see how good that feels! ©

4. Printer - Although not absolutely necessary, printers are handy for printing proofs of purchase, drafts of your articles and other work.

5. Router - If you use a broadband connection like a cable modem or DSL, a router protects your PC(s) from outside intruders. Routers are much like firewalls, which are discussed in the 'Software' section below. Routers can be found at any of the big computer/electronic stores, or online through Etronics, and internet auction sites like eBay and UBid.

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