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Can't find a merchant that sells Barbie doll supplies and accessories through an affiliate program? Looked at the affiliate networks and directories and still no luck?

Here's a search technique that will help you locate exactly what you are looking for.

In this case, go to Google and type "+Barbie +doll +affiliate" into the search box. Don't include the quotes, but do include the plus signs. The plus signs ensure that each word entered appears on the pages returned in the search results.

However, the pages returned aren't guaranteed to have a Barbie doll accessories affiliate program. Some of the sites may be affiliates themselves, but looking around their site should give you clues as to the identity of the merchant.

Other sites that are returned by your search will in fact be merchant sites.

While reviewing individual sites and pages, look for links on the site that say, "Webmasters", "Make Money", "Affiliate (or Associate) Program", "Partners", "Earn $" and other phrases that indicate that the company has an affiliate program.

There you have it - all the places online to find affiliate programs. Take a look around. See what is being offered. Sign up for one, two and more.

A word of caution - Resist the temptation to sign up for every good-looking program and product until your Web site plan is in place!

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