Bandwidth: How many bits-per-second are sent through a connection. A full page of text is about 16,000 bits.

Banner Ad: Advertising in the form of a graphic image.

Bit (Binary DigIT"): A bit is the smallest unit of computerized data. It is a single digit number, either a 1 or a zero.

Bits-Per-Second (bps): A measurement of how fast data is moved from one place to another. A 56.6 modem can move 56,600 bits per second...but usually doesn't!

Blog: Acronym for 'web log', a blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The act of updating a blog is referred to as 'blogging' and those who keep blogs, are known as 'bloggers'.

Browser: A program that allows you to access and read hypertext documents on the World Wide Web.

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