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Great affiliate programs all have the following elements in common:

• Excellent products and services offered on attractive sites.

High commissions and a fair revenue-sharing structure.

• No outside links that 'steal' customers and commissions.

• Approachable and reasonable affiliate managers who are willing to discuss program and commission improvements.

The programs below have those qualities in spades and are included amongst my favorites. Listed in alphabetical order, they are:

• Cashring (Hosting & Matchmaking Services) - I've done business with Montreal-based Cashring almost since the day I started marketing online. Their products include the dating site, IwantU Select Clubs and WISOL, their hosting services. The 2-tier program pays recurring commissions up to 50%. http://www.cashring.com

Commission Junction - OK, this is not an affiliate program, but an affiliate network, Commission Junction just makes my life SO much easier, by making it easy to find great merchant partners.

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