PMachines Expression Engine

ExpressionEngine ( is the higherend of pMachine's two blogging solutions and contains an impressive array of functionalities, including the following:

i Multiple blogs.

i Categories, comments, and templates.

i Multiple authors. Each author can have different levels of access to the system. Some folks can write but not publish; others can edit or delete content.

i A search engine.

i A versioning system. Tracks changes to the code and allows you to revert if things go haywire.

i A built-in mailing list. Send e-mails to your members.

i Photo capability. Upload and resize images, and create thumbnails.

What's most exciting about ExpressionEngine is that it's completely customizable — you can create fields in your blog for every type of content you create and use the templates to control the way that content appears on the page. ExpressionEngine runs your blog out of a database, so changes you make to the design in the future ripple back through your archives.

I used ExpressionEngine to create the companion blog to this book, Buzz Marketing with Blogs (, which is shown in Figure 6-4.

ExpressionEngine 1.2 is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. To use it, you must have a server with XML support, PHP version 4.1 or better, and MySQL version 3.23.32 or better.

A commercial license for ExpressionEngine is $199; nonprofits can buy a noncommercial license for $149. You can download, install, and test a free 14-day trial version of ExpressionEngine. If ExpressionEngine is more than you really need, take a look at pMachine's other blog offering, pMachine Pro (www.

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