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Build It and They Will Come

The foundation of the film is a baseball diamond carved out of First, the concept that this is the place where dreams come true has captured the imagination of literally millions of people. So much so that now, more than 12 years later, the actual movie site of the baseball field is still maintained by the original farmers in the middle of a cornfield, just as it was during the shooting of the film. The only alterations to this pristine site are the parking lots for the vans and buses that bring tourists, even today, from April to November and the concession stands that serve and sell to them. As examples Today, the Field of Dreams not only attracts tourists by the busload, but also is the site for all-star baseball games, weddings, receptions, parties and various celebrations, reunions, and other special events. Their integrated marketing technique is employed throughout Iowa, including concentrated cooperative marketing with the Dubuque Convention and Visitors Bureau. And all of...

Definition of Shoham and Kahles Independent Variables and This Studys Definition

The 1995 Life Style data included a question asking people the extent to which they engaged in different sports exercise outdoor activities in the past year. The question contains 17 items (bowling, bicycling, skiing, jogging, fishing, swimming, walking, hunting, playing tennis, playing golf, playing softball, playing volleyball, boating, camping, going to exercise class, going to a health club, and doing home exercise). These items are similar to those that Shoham and Kahle used in their data analysis. Factor analysis was performed and similar factors were extracted (Table 1.1).

Using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Google's Keyword Suggestion Tool provides you not only with a list of potential keywords to target in your PPC or SEO efforts, but also with a list of potential negative keywords. Negative keywords are essential when putting together a PPC campaign. Your negative keywords are the words that prevent your ad from being triggered for display. The most commonly added negative keyword is free, because most advertisers do not want their products shown to someone who is searching for something free. However, there are also other keywords that may prove to be useful as negatives that you may initially overlook. For example, the word picture is often associated with popular e-commerce terms. If you have a sporting goods business and bid on keywords such as football and baseball, you should use picture as a negative keyword because there is a low probability that the keywords picture of football or baseball picture would convert into a sale.

Touch Every Base Every Time

You don't have to be a baseball fan to know this rule or, if you prefer, tradition even when the hitter whacks the ball out of the ballpark and into outer space, it's not a home run on the scoreboard until he goes around the bases and touches every one. In gym-class baseball I was tagged out after hitting a home run and walking the bases but carelessly stepping over 2nd base instead of on it. I've never forgotten that.

Baskinginreflectedglory And Cuttingoffreflectedfailure In Sports

In the context of sports, BIRG and CORF can explain how fair-weather fans may follow a team when it is winning but distance themselves from the team in the hard times of losing. Anecdotal evidence regarding the Minnesota Twins baseball team public announcer noticeably illustrates this point. During losing periods, he would introduce the team by saying ladies and gentlemen, your Minnesota Twins, whereas during winning times the introduction would change to ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome our Minnesota Twins This tendency is supported by a high correlation between a team's winning record and fan attendance (Baade & Tiehen, 1990). In the months following their 2001 World Series Championship, the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball organization realized immediate benefits of winning the championship with an expected boost of 3.8 million to 4.7 million in season ticket revenue and a similar 4 million to 5 million increase in sponsorship revenue (King, 2002). Interestingly, the organization...

Compile data on possible topics

Keep repeating this process until you have opened up file folders for at least a dozen different topics (I.e. bread makers, coffee tables, rocking chairs, gas BBQs, water coolers, ice hockey skates, dog beds, garden sheds, hot tubs, garage doors, bakers racks, paper shredders, baseball gloves, etc.)

Structure URLs Correctly

Containers full of related information. Each container should be labeled appropriately with a URL. Your Web site's baseball section should be located at www.example. com baseball, and your Web site's football section should be located at football. Individual pages about baseball topics should be placed within their respective containers. Suppose you created a page about your favorite baseball player, Manny Ramirez. Place his page at Structure your page URLs in this manner, and you create an easily spidered, organized, user-friendly Web site navigation system. The search engines can easily find each content-rich page and relate it back to its parent category. Search-engine users prefer clean, well-structured URLs when searching for a page. If searching for a page about Manny Ramirez, a large majority of search-engine users would be more inclined to click a URL like www. baseball manny-ramirez.html versus player1.html.

Bad Boys Become Pitchmen for Athletic Shoes

Rodman was also able to parlay his irreverent and rebellious image into an endorsement contract with Nike, as well as a number of other companies, although his antics eventually became too much for most of these companies. The new generation of bad-boy pitchmen includes NBA stars such as Allan Iverson and Lattrell Sprewell as well as retired athletes such as baseball star Pete Rose and former Oakland Raider football players Ken Stabler and Jack Tatum. Urban sports brand Pony decided to go a slightly different route in using bad-boy athletes as endorsers with its Why Not campaign, which addresses why three athletes have not been named to the Hall of Fame in their respective sports. The ads feature baseball legend Pete Rose, who was banned from the sport for gambling former NFL quarterback Kenny the Snake Stabler and Jack the Assassin Tatum, the former Oakland Raider who was known for his crushing hits while playing on the team in the 1970s, including one that paralyzed an opposing...

Do Sport Sponsorship Announcements Influence Firm Stock Prices

The proliferation of sports event sponsorship opportunities, the amount of money flowing from marketers to event sponsorship, and the development of a body of academic literature dedicated to cataloging various sports sponsorship objectives, strategies, tactics, and effects attest to its acceptance by marketers as a viable integrated marketing communication strategy (Cornwell & Maignan, 1998). Originally considered unusual or innovative, sports sponsorship may now be as common as more traditional marketing communication strategies as burgeoning sports leagues compete with established leagues for sports sponsorship funds. Overlapping football, basketball, baseball, and hockey seasons in the United States provided 200 professional sports events during October 2000 (Petrecca, 2000). Sports saturation has resulted in declining TV ratings, yet sports sponsorship spending continues to rise (IEG, 2002). However, some prominent sponsors are beginning to back away from sponsorship IBM...

The Moderating Role Of Team Identification

Although a team's performance can impact fans' tendencies to BIRG or CORF, there are cases in which team performance is not the only determining factor. It is not uncommon for certain traditionally losing teams (e.g., Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs) to be very popular and have a large base of loyal fans that proudly publicize their association with the team, independent of the team's record. Wann and Branscombe (1990) found that the level of identification of fans with a sports team moderated the fans' reactions to wins and losses in regard to a fan's tendency to BIRG or CORF. In their study, they administered a questionnaire that assessed students' level of identification with their university's men's basketball team and examined the students' tendency to BIRG or CORF pertinent to the basketball team's performance. It was expected that high team identification would lead to higher likelihood of BIRG and lower likelihood of CORF compared to fans with lower levels of team...

Advantages of Newspapers

Truck Newspaper

Flexibility Another advantage of newspapers is the flexibility they offer advertisers. First, they are flexible in terms of requirements for producing and running the ads. Newspaper ads can be written, laid out, and prepared in a matter of hours. For most dailies, the closing time by which the ad must be received is usually only 24 hours before publication (although closing dates for special ads, such as those using color, and Sunday supplements are longer). The short production time and closing dates make newspapers an excellent medium for responding to current events or presenting timely information to consumers. For example, Chevrolet Trucks ran a newspaper ad congratulating major league baseball star Cal Ripken, Jr. the day after he got his 3,000th career hit. Ripken is a spokesperson for the Chevy Truck line, and the newspaper ad was a very timely salute to his reaching this great milestone (Exhibit 12-19).

Consumerto Consumer C2C

In other cases, C2C involves interchanges of information through Internet forums that appeal to specific special-interest groups. Such activities may be organized for commercial or noncommercial purposes. An example is Web logs, or blogs, online journals where people post their thoughts, usually on a narrowly defined topic. Blogs can be about anything, from politics or baseball to haiku, car repair, or the latest television series. There are currently about 15 million active blogs read by 57 million people. Such numbers give blogs especially those with large and devoted followings substantial influence.43

Background And Previous Research

It is also clear that some behaviors are more important than others and seem to matter more to most teens. Most, if not all, of these behaviors are strongly influenced by their peers to one degree or another at various stages in their development. For example, the decision to become a regular smoker or an underage drinker seems more important than which brand of soft drink or fast food place is selected. One or more brands may be acceptable without appearing to deviate from accepted behavioral norms that dominate much of teens' behavior. Most importantly, picking the accepted brands of soft drinks or fast food places represents an easily implemented choice. More important categories than soft drinks or fast food choices would be items such as clothing or hairstyles. How one looks and what one wears are often perceived by most teens to have potentially enormous social consequences. This holds true for teens who value the display of conformity with visible, established group norms and...

Combining Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

While trade sales promotions are designed to support the reseller and are often targeted to the ultimate consumer, many other promotional tools are designed to assist the sales staff. Flip charts, leave-behinds, and specialty ads may be designed to assist salespeople in their presentations, serve as reminders, or just create goodwill. The number of materials available may range from just a few to hundreds, depending on the company. (If you ever get the chance, look into the trunk of a consumer-product salesperson's car. You will find everything from pens to calendars to flip charts to samples to lost baseball mitts all but the last of which are used in the selling effort.) Other forms of sales promotions like contests and sweepstakes are also used, as noted earlier.

How Can They Change the Ads on the Backstops between Innings Its Virtually Possible

Evian Key Visual

Next time you watch a Major League Baseball game, watch the advertisements appearing on the backstop behind the batter. At the top of the inning, you will see an ad for one company let's say between innings you may see one for Office Depot, and at the bottom of the inning you may see Toyota's message. Or perhaps you were watching a college football game on ESPN and you saw different ads between the goalposts every time an extra point or field goal was kicked. Did you ever wonder how they could change those ads so quickly Actually they don't. What you are seeing is a new technology called virtual advertising, in which the ads are digitally entered onto your screen. While you are seeing the ads on your screen, people at the stadium are seeing a blank wall. Virtual advertising has been around for a few years, with the San Francisco Giants baseball team being the first to test the medium in the summer of 1996. The San Diego Padres, Philadelphia Phillies, and Seattle Mariners...

ESPNMore E and Less S

For many years, TV sports programming consisted primarily of football,baseball,and to a lesser extent basketball shown primarily on weekends on network television. When ESPN, the first cable network devoted entirely to sports programming, was launched in 1979, the critics declared that all the good sports are already on the three networks. They ridiculed the network for broadcasting sports such as stock-car racing, which was described as two hours of left turns. However, no one is laughing at ESPN today. It is one of the top cable networks, reaching 86 million homes in the United States 10 million more than its closest competitor. Its signature show, SportsCenter a one-hour sports news show that is aired numerous times throughout the day and night is emblematic of the entire network and has helped position ESPN as the place for the ultimate sports fan, not just another cable channel showing sports. An award-winning advertising campaign consisting of humorous spots that purport to give...

George Preston Marshall

Football team and moved the franchise to Washington, DC, renaming it the Washington Redskins. In those days, professional football was more of a curiosity than serious sport. Baseball was the national pastime. Football was something to do on a cold Sunday afternoon with no great import or urgency.

Consumer Franchise Building versus Nonfranchise Building Promotions

Marketing Versus Non Marketing

Companies can also use sales promotion to contribute to franchise building by developing an offer consistent with the image of the brand. An example of a successful consumer brand-building promotion is the Search for 2000 Uses Sweepstakes promotion for WD-40, shown in Exhibit 16-8. The WD-40 Company positions its brand as the leading multipurpose problem solver that cleans, protects, penetrates, lubricates, and displaces moisture like no other product on earth. The marketing strategy for WD-40 is to continually promote the myriad of uses for the product. The Search for 2000 Uses Sweepstakes, which was launched to coincide with the new millennium, asked consumers to suggest their use for WD-40 in order to be entered for a chance to win various prizes such as WD-40 can radios, T-shirts, and baseball caps and a grand prize of 10,000 in company stock. The sweepstakes

The Debate over Directto Consumer Drug Advertising

Drug Advertising

Direct-to-consumer drug advertising spending soared from 859 million in 1997 to 2.8 billion in 200l. In recent years there has been a flurry of ads hawking prescription drugs for a variety of medical problems and conditions, including allergies, heartburn, arthritis, depression, and impotence. Drug companies use celebrities to pitch their products just as effectively as other marketers do. A television commercial for cholesterol drug Zocor features National Football League coach Dan Reeves stating, Taking care of my cholesterol it has become an important part of my game plan. Former figure skating champion and Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hammill talks about experiencing the pain of osteoarthritis in a commercial for Vioxx. Pfizer used former vice president Bob Dole as an advertising spokesperson when it launched Viagra in 1998 and now spends nearly 100 million a year to advertise the male impotence drug. Texas Ranger's baseball star Rafiel Palmeiro appears in ads for the product,...

Teams as Brands A Review of the Sports Licensing Concept

In fact, while studying the Atlanta Braves baseball team and sponsors CocaCola and Auto Zone, Dalakas, Rose, and Aiken (2001) and Dalakas and Burton (2002) found that the more a fan is identified with a team, the greater the likelihood the fan would understand the role of sponsorship and support the team's sponsors in retail settings. Madrigal's (2000, 2001) comprehensive research with American college football fans also showed that highly identified fans share a norm that suggests attitudes toward properties contribute to a consumer's intentions to purchase sponsors' products. Thus, the team identification benefit not only goes beyond the team's branded image but also serves the equities of players, broadcasters, and team sponsors. It also gives credence to a popular refrain often uttered by NASCAR auto manufacturers Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday because the victory translates into retail benefit. Six years later, in 1869, the Cincinnati Red Stockings (later known as just the Reds)...

Manage Phase Tasks and Deliverables

Changes in economic conditions provide examples of the importance of developing a potential adaptive response. For example, when fuel prices escalate, transportation companies should have a control plan in place to inform operations how best to respond. A one-cent fuel increase costs American Airlines 80 million annually and perhaps is worthy of triggering an adaptive strategy in ticket pricing, in-flight services, or another approach. Fluctuations in the currency exchange rate are another example of an economic condition affecting multinational companies. The Toronto Blue Jays baseball team is dependent on either traveling to the U.S. or hosting Americans. It probably has to plan a currency hedge on how currency fluctuations affect attendance and concessions. Also, when the U.S.-to-Canadian exchange rate is low, the Blue Jays may execute a response strategy to attract top athletes because paying salaries may be easier at that point. Such an adaptive response fits nicely with an...

Implications For Sports Marketing And Advertising

Given that a team's performance can have an impact on how likely people are to BIRG, what can a losing team do to make fans BIRG and, consequently, to still attend games and buy licensed merchandise During losing seasons or extensive slumps, sports marketers may emphasize previous successes of the team, if any, as a source of BIRG, increasing motivation to stay with the team (taking pride in a successful past and anticipating a successful future). Also, sports marketers may look for additional reasons, besides the team's performance, that may make fans BIRG and capitalize on such factors. Highlighting individual successful performances by members of a team can provide such additional sources of BIRG, likely to retain fan interest and maintain sales of licensed merchandise. For example, although the Seattle Mariners struggled during the 1998 baseball season, the performance by Ken Griffey, Jr. in his pursuit to be the youngest player to hit 300 home runs and Alex Rodriguez's pursuit of...

Magic Johnson and Mark McGwire The Power of Identification With Sports Celebrities

This chapter reviews a series of four studies that explored the effects of these events in shaping people's perceptions and behavioral intentions. The first was a survey administered a week after Magic Johnson's press conference. The second was an experiment that assigned classes to watch a tape of the press conference or to engage in an interpersonal discussion about HIV and AIDS. The third was a survey conducted 1 year after the news conference. The fourth was a survey immediately after the 1998 baseball season. The results of each study show that identification with the celebrity determined the effects, shaping personal concern, perceptions, and behavioral intentions. They reveal that a sports celebrity can be immensely effective in advocating behavior. But this hinges on the extent that people identify with that celebrity. The theoretical literature and the four studies are reviewed next.


However, if you are selling a specific product, your keyword phrase should be targeted so that the visitors see exactly what they were searching for when they reach your site. So staying on the video games theme, a targeted keyword phrase would be halo 3 baseball cap . If this is the main product you are selling, you can see how the visitor is going to see exactly what they were looking for when they come to your site and is much more likely to result in a sale, especially if you are the only site to be found selling halo 3 baseball caps It is very important that you realise the main difference between the two and that is video games is a browsing keyword whereas halo 3 baseball cap is a buying keyword. You will get less traffic with this broad phrase but you will convert more visitors in to sales with the targeted model.

Bill Veeck

Bill Veeck was professional baseball's first promotional genius. As owner of the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Browns, and two minor league teams, he was a showman without peer. He understood that in the 1930s and 1940s, a country coming out of the depression and war years needed something more than the game on the field in order to spend precious dollars. They needed entertainment and excitement, and he was certainly committed to enterprise.


Twenty-eight different sports were represented in the athlete-endorsed ads captured in this study Although there were several decades when a particular sport appeared to be popular in athlete endorsement (e.g., ice skating in the 1990s or gymnastics in the 1980s), overall, the top six sports (baseball, tennis, football, basketball, golf, and car racing) have been consistently represented over time. The comparison also revealed that the sports most often represented in Sports Illustrated were similar to the findings from the general readership magazine study (i.e., baseball, tennis, football, car racing, basketball, and golf ). Sports Illustrated has also seen a switch from male-oriented products to undifferentiated products. Another similarity found in the comparison is the location of athlete endorsed products on the FCB Grid (see Fig. 5.3). The type of products appearing in Quadrant I (high involvement thinking) are also primarily advertised in Sports Illustrated....


Thus, the power of identification seems to hold across at least two major sports figures (one involved in basketball, one in baseball) almost 7 years apart and across three different public health outcomes (HIV AIDS, steroid use, and child abuse). With both celebrities, these effects depended on individuals' level of identification with them. This means that to be effective in persuading a targeted group, it is necessary to select a source with whom the group identifies. In the case of most celebrities, viewers probably already have an existing level of identification with that celebrity. Some of this identification likely results from the BIRG phenomenon, a level of identification with the team that the celebrity plays for and represents in the public's mind. Other parts of this identification likely result from aspects of the particular celebrity's personality and the way the celebrity is seen by the public. A virtual unknown from a victorious team immediately following a victory...


The Dow Jones Interactive (DJI) Business Newsstand database was used to locate sports sponsorship announcements. This on-line database covers the 50 largest circulation United States newspapers, as well as business and financial press wires. The database was searched using the keyword sponsorship in combination with the following terms football, baseball, tennis, auto racing, soccer, Olympics, and hockey. An other category was included to account for sports events that were observed infrequently, such as yacht and horse racing. Table 11.1 details the number of sponsorship announcements for each pair of search terms.

Exhibit 8

A-B's many interests include baking operations, snack foods, transportation services, a baseball franchise, and real estate development. Despite these other interests, A-B's beer operations dominate its revenue base. The beer operations accounted for approximately 85 percent of revenue in 1992. As of June 1992, A-B controlled 46 percent of the U.S. beer market. It controlled 31.4 percent in 1982, 28.2 percent in 1980, and 23 percent in 1977. This was an increase in market share of 44 percent between 1982 and 1992. The volume of beer sold by A-B also increased significantly over these ten years. In 1982, A-B had total sales of 5.3 billion, and its profit for the year was 287.3 million. In 1992, A-B's sales amounted to more than 13 billion, while the net income was 917 million. Exhibit 9 presents the financial and operating performance of A-B.

The Sport Product

Sport Demand Tends to Fluctuate Widely. Most sport organizations face special problems in balancing a supply of the product with consumer demand. Because sport is seasonal, it is natural that the demand for products relating to baseball will increase in the spring and decrease during the off-season. The seasonal demand concept also manifests itself on opening day, when the excitement for the team is typically high at the beginning of the season and either wanes or increases as the season progresses, depending on the team's fortunes in the division and league.


For years, the Baltimore Orioles baseball team played its home games at Memorial Stadium, an outdated stadium located in a rough neighborhood. When a new stadium was built in the rejuvenated Inner Harbor area of Baltimore and was designed to look like the ballfields of yesteryear, the stadium and its location became a bigger attraction than the team itself. The team sold out most of its home games the first year not because of a winning team, but because of the buzz created by the new stadium and its location. In the promotional messaging the ballclub used in selling tickets, one of the key marketing messages was for Oriole fans and nonfans to come out and visit this new masterpiece. The location was such a success that other Major League Baseball teams such as the Cleveland Indians and Texas Rangers copied the Orioles' marketing strategy with the same success.

Review Of Literature

Agrawal and Kamakura (1995) noted significant abnormal returns associated with announcements of celebrity endorsement contracts. They wrote that results clearly indicate a positive impact of celebrity endorsements on expected future profits, which lends objective, market level support to the use of celebrities in advertising (p. 60). The value of the celebrity is most clearly observed in Mathur, Mathur, and Rangan's (1997) ESM analysis of Michael Jordan's return to professional basketball following his foray into minor league baseball. Jordan's announcement alone was enough to add value to firms benefiting from his endorsement. Although other ESM research has been published examining an auto race (Cornwell, Pruitt, & Van Ness, 2001) and the Olympics (Miyazaki & Morgan, 2001), the research reported here considers the possibility that investors might respond more favorably to some sports relative to others. Because companies listed on American stock exchanges are used for this research,...


A trade delegation trying to market in Taiwan found this out the hard way. Seeking more foreign trade, they arrived in Taiwan bearing gifts of green baseball caps. It turned out that the trip was scheduled a month before Taiwan elections, and that green was the colour of the political opposition party. Worse yet, the visitors learned after the fact Chat according to Taiwan culture, a man wears green to signify that his wife has been unfaithful. The head of the community delegation later noted T don't know whatever happened to those green hats, but the trip gave us an understanding of the extreme differences in our cultures.'4

Baseball For Boys

Baseball For Boys

Since World War II, there has been a tremendous change in the makeup and direction of kid baseball, as it is called. Adults, showing an unprecedented interest in the activity, have initiated and developed programs in thousands of towns across the United States programs that providebr wholesome recreation for millions of youngsters and are often a source of pride and joy to the community in which they exist.

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