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This Loan Source Director contains all of the same tools that the business moguls use to get their best deals, in an easy to understand eBook! It contains contact information for top lenders, a list of top small business leaders, and allows you to submit your loan information online quickly and easily. You have access to one of our financial professionals who will review your loan request and give you feedback. Also included with this guide is a FREE report: The Most Common Commercial Mortgage Mistakes.

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Bank Loans and Mortgages

If you successfully receive a bank loan, discuss with the bank manager what the repayment process is. Banks normally have a clause that allows them to call in any loan at zero notice. Innocuous though the statement looks, it has been used in recent times when the bank's head office is low on credit themselves or worried about the economy. They issue an edict to call in particular categories of loans and bank managers just have to oblige. I have seen a number of long-established businesses go under when their credit facilities were withdrawn at zero notice. Make sure you know the procedure and have a mechanism in place for coping with it. If your bank manager gives assurances that are above and beyond the standard statements, have them put it in writing, get both parties to sign them, and affix signed copies to both copies of the loan. Although bank managers are becoming an endangered species, a good one not only can unleash the purse strings in times of difficulty, but from training...

On the minus side

Extending your name to a distant product category is the equivalent of making a loan to a risky venture, and any good banker will tell you that there's a reason why loan requests for risky ventures are routinely declined. When the profile of the applicant doesn't match the risk of the request, a bank loan officer simply says no. When it comes to brand extensions, sometimes brand managers need to issue the same response.

Buyer credit

Under single project financing buyer credit financing is provided with support from a guarantee from an export insurance organization, e.g. NCM. A large amount of finance is provided at preferential interest rates. Usually about 80-85 of the contract costs are covered. The balance of the financing will be provided by the buyer, perhaps through a bank loan.