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Magic Submitter is a professionally made product. Professionally done by acknowledged experts in this area of expertise.

In conclusion, I would say that the learning curve for this software is quite steep and lengthy to get the full benefits from it's use. But if you are prepared to put in the hours needed to learn it's full capabilities this piece of software will give you many times that back. I can recommend this software to anyone.

The Introduction of Page Rank

Google's PageRank algorithm in 1998 was a big step forward in automatically cataloging and ranking Web sites.1 This algorithm used data from the links on the Web to determine what pages were about and which pages were more popular and useful. Links were like votes for a site and the text from those links was used for cataloging them. Google's PageRank algorithm would use the information from the links to determine that both sites were about used cars. But when someone searched for used cars,'' Google would show www.yourusedcars .com first because it had twice as many links to it (10 versus 5). In addition, when someone searched for ''used Fords,'' Google would show, and, when someone searched for ''used Hondas,'' Google would show While Google patented the specific PageRank algorithm, this general method of categorizing sites became the standard for search engines and the basis of how search engine technology has evolved. While people still...

Google Page Rank explained

When Google's spiders visit your site they not only do some quick math on your keywords, - but they also assign each page a PageRank value of 0 to 10. Normally, the page with the higher PageRank gets listed ahead of those pages with a lesser PageRank. So your goal is to get a higher PageRank than those who currently occupy the top positions at Google for any Primary keyword you are considering. And the main way you get PageRank is with Backward Links . So by optimizing for PageRank at Google, you simultaneously boost your link-popularity across the board. What Google seems to be saying is, pages that have links back to them (backward links) MUST BE IMPORTANT. For instance, when I did a Backward Links check for 'barbecues', - a Primary keyword I'm considering optimizing one of my product pages for, - I discovered that sites occupying the top 5 positions for that keyword all had a PageRank of between 5 and 7, (high) - with Backward Link totals ranging anywhere from 173 to 2510. Later...

Acquire Quality Links

You can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and effort by focusing your energy on acquiring a few high-quality, authoritative links versus a large quantity of low-quality links that are not related to your Web site. You can easily build a huge quantity of links back to your page by either manually submitting or purchasing software that mass submits your Web page to thousands of online guest books, forums, blogs, directories, and other link sources. However, this type of activity is often detected as spam by search engines and therefore should be avoided. Search engines are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable of detecting the difference between natural, relevant links, and unnatural, irrelevant links such as those typically submitted by software. Just one or two high-quality links can provide the same if not greater search-engine optimization benefit than hundreds of low-quality links. All the major search engines, particularly Google, embrace this approach to link...

OUTboundlink with highquality themerelated noncompeting sites as you happen to discover them in the course of normal

It is essential that you adopt a link-building strategy of some sort to ensure your business receives proper exposure at the SEs. For all the best 80-20 strategies for building an effective linking strategy, download the free Make Your Links WORK book. 1) Strategy Focused -- gives the most time-and-money-efficient and up-to-date way to build an inbound links program.

Another way to add a text link

Granted, the method for adding a text link I just demonstrated is a little cumbersome because of the need to switch between the 'Basic' and 'Activedit' editors. Now, I would like to show you a simpler method of adding a text link ad to a page. In the HTML of the text link ad provided by, I have highlighted the actual pay code in blue. So, with this understanding, let me now know show you a simpler and much quicker way, to add text link ad to any of your Product pages in the ez-WebBuilder. Once done, I click on 'Insert Link', and now I have a new text link ad on the page.

Develop an inbound linking plan

This is fairly simple and, if you just follow my lead here -and create an inbound linking plan, by watching me create one in, you will have a strong competitive advantage over most webmasters. As we do this, it is important to keep in mind that search engines rank pages, NOT sites. This is why it is best that we develop a separate inbound link plan for each of the Home and Product pages. What do I regularly do Truth is that I don't normally create a link plan for the Articles because, for the most part, they will receive their inbound links from other pages on the site. (Sit tight. I will cover this shortly when we talk about 'internal linking'.) And some Articles, - if constructed with care, - should also receive an inbound link from time-to-time from other webmasters who will link to them because of the quality of their content. (Obviously, this is just another reason to create valuable content.) Now you will understand the entire business boils down to only two...

Quality links from many sources

In mid 2004, I started to realize that my then current method of developing inbound links for my sites, -gathering link partners - was becoming less and less effective. You see - at the time - using a single type of link building strategies, such as link partners worked very well. And today, site owners who are still following old techniques - such as link partnering - are having an impossible time getting to the top of the search engine results. They don't know why, but still continue to gather up more and more link partners, only to see no positive results. And it's not that link partner gathering is totally dead, - it just needs to be done correctly (more on this later), - and it should only be a small part of the overall inbound link building plan. So, earlier I pointed out that that we need different types of anchor text links (I.e. gas barbecue grills or barbecue

Attract a few good link partners

A link partner is simply two webmasters who agree to place the other's links on their site - in return for the same. You actually exchange links. And this it is one of the oldest methods of gathering inbound links to a site. However, because this technique has been so widely used, it is no longer an effective method of creating inbound links to a site unless it is done with great care. In other words, only if it makes sense to exchange links, will I add their link to my page. You should know that I no longer go out looking for link partners however, I do make it clear on my sites that I will exchange links with other related sites - and I make it very easy for them to approach me. And there are enough other Webmasters out there still looking for link partners - which is why this is a good strategy for attracting inbound links. I would also suggest that you keep the inbound links from link partners to around 25 (or less) of the overall inbound link mix for your site. It takes just two...

How many inbound links do I need

In this section, I will develop an inbound linking plan for the BBQ Product page of my site. This gave you insight into the approximate number of inbound links required for the Primary keyword chosen for that Product page. Upon closer evaluation of the 42 backward links, I can see that 18 of the inbound links are from pages on their own site (known as internal links), and 14 of them of from other pages on other sites on the Net (known as external links). And with this information, in order to compete for the 1 spot, I can begin to make some estimates based on my Google backward links check - such as, that I need at least 32 inbound links pointing to my BBQ Product page. Before we get into a discussion about sources and methods for creating and arranging inbound links to your site, I'll first make a list of different anchor text links I plan to use for each of the 32 links I need for my own BBQ Product page. Definition Anchor text is simply the clickable text of a hyperlink, explains...

Note on link building

You can use the syntax link site in Google to see the number of quality links into a page on your site as judged by Google, e.g. Note this also includes internal links. To exclude internal links and include pages with lower page rank or that do not have a true hyperlink, but contain the URL, search on Google for this - site

Reciprocal Links

When you look for people to swap links with, make sure that you don't reduce the quality or content of your own site. You don't want users to click straight through without reading your content you want them to buy first. One way to stop them from running away too quickly is to create a Resources Page and link to that page from your homepage. This doesn't take away from the content on your homepage and the links are just one click away rather than being buried deep within the site, giving value to your partners.

Text Links

Text links are much simpler than banner ads. They're also less eye-catching and less sexy. There's no funky animation, no neat Flash, just a few well chosen words often stuck at the side of a web page. But that doesn't mean they're not effective. In fact, to some extent, text links are the unsung heroes of online marketing. They don't get half the attention they deserve, but they can do an excellent job bringing visitors to a site. The first point to bear in mind about text links is that they're tough to write. You might have just 50 characters to make your sales pitch. That's about the length of that sentence, so you're going to have to be pretty creative in what you say. That's the downer. On the plus side though, text links are amongst the most popular form of promotion amongst Internet users. They don't get in the way like popups, and they're often mistaken for content so they're actually read. And because they're written into the site's HTML, you know that each page view means a...

Google The Birth Child of Larry and Sergey

Larry and Sergey took the process of citing in academic research, and hypothesized that Web pages with the most links to them from other highly relevant Web pages, must be the most relevant pages associated with a particular search. To further bolster the concept, Larry and Sergey created PageRank (named after Larry Page), which not only counts how many links point to any given page, but also determines the quality of those links.

Question 2 What does it cost to maximize Conversion Rates

Our study found that 5 Pillar Affiliates who relied solely on banners had an average Conversion Rate of 0.5 . But those who used in-context text links (i.e., text links that are part of the content of the Web page) averaged over 3.5 Save your in-context text links for super companies with wonderful products that deliver true value to your reader.


We went on to prove that banners are worse than futile, they are counterproductive. The 5 Pillar Affiliates who rely on banners have an average Conversion Rate of 0.5 . But those who use in-context text links (i.e., text links that are part of the content of the Web page) average over 3.5

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization, or SMO, is a form of online marketing that focuses on participating on various social media Web sites to generate traffic, buzz, and links back to your Web site. Social media Web sites include social news Web sites such as Digg, Sphinn, and StumbleUpon video sharing Web sites such as YouTube and Revver and social network Web sites, including MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Various recognized SEO and SMO pundits have referred to SMO as the new SEO because SMO is often used as an effective and powerful method to quickly build large numbers of links back to your Web site, which can lead to improved organic search-engine rankings. StumbleUpon is a peer and social networking technology that includes a toolbar that you install in your Web browser. The StumbleUpon toolbar allows you to discover and rate Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles. Getting your Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles submitted to StumbleUpon is an effective way to generate...

Quality Score Optimization

Landing page quality refers to the perceived value and relevancy of the page that you send your PPC traffic to. Landing page quality is so important that a low landing page score can be disastrous to your overall PPC advertising initiatives. In fact, if you have a poor landing page score you may be required to pay as much as 10 dollars per click for placement on a keyword, while another advertiser deemed to have a high landing page score pays only 35 cents for the same keyword placement. Some of the factors that affect your landing page score are the relatedness of your ad copy and landing page and whether the keyword you are bidding on is included on the landing page. Google also appears to take into consideration the PageRank of your Web site, as well as how many people link to the landing page in question.

Optimize for Other Engines

Technorati is a popular search engine for searching blogs. If you can get your blog to rank well on Technorati, you can gain considerable exposure and traffic. Moreover, other bloggers use Technorati to look for stories to write about. In this way, getting your blog ranked on Technorati can be used as an effective link-building strategy.

Generating Buzz for Your Blog

The power of blogs is buzz, or conversations and Web links that bounce from blog to blog and gather mass and impact. Companies that use blogs as buzz-building tools are finding substantial readerships of people who avidly want to know what the blogger has to say and respond with comments to every new posting. The best part is that they often spread that message to others within their sphere of influence through blogs, instant messages, or e-mail.

How does the Merchant know that the visitor came from MY site

By attaching your affiliate link to a banner ad, small graphic or a text link you earn a referral fee from sale generated through that link. These links come in the form of banners, text links, and a number of other more sophisticated types of links. If the links require special coding, the online merchant usually supplies the code.

So how exactly do you market these products

We mentioned before, that forums have actually been a very popular way to get backlinks to your site, or even interested people who are interested because they are targeted to that area that your site is maybe devoted to. Those have probably been the two main areas, there's also, I think the next best thing is articles. And I think articles provide a very good amount of traffic to your site. They're a great way to get backlinks and get your site ranked in the search engines. Anything like Ezine Articles or Isnare, any of those kinds of sites. Those are excellent sources.

Why should someone do business with you

Write tight, get right to the point, be keenly aware of the audience for the page, and don't use a three-syllable word when a one or two-syllable word will do. Use call-to-action language and be interesting. The page should be so clearly organized that, in seconds, visitors can understand and get convinced to buy your product and be able to anticipate where a hypertext link - or a Continue button -will take them. Studies show that ease of use is the winning factor on an ecommerce site.

One Concept Not to Consider

This content must deliver good information value about fashion design. Since this is your area of expertise, that's a snap. Your content contains in-context text links (those caught using banners will have a detention ) for consumers and merchants

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is perhaps the most vital area of testing, and one which should never be missed. Functionality testing involves an assessment of every aspect of the site where scripting or code is involved, from searching for dead links, to testing forms and scripts.

Lets talk about your specific tactics First of all going into the marketing forums What kinds of things are you posting

Yeah, my web hosting providers, they do have that, you know. stats pages that tell me where these backlinks are going to. The only thing I haven't been able to determine is the sales generated from those particular backlinks. So I'm trying to work a way to figure that out right now. Warrior Forum is a fantastic forum. I mean not even just for the backlinks. I think if you're in internet marketing at all, you got to take a look at the Warrior Forum. It's got the best information out there. It's got probably some of the top marketers who monitor it. You can even direct questions right at them and they will respond much of the time. That's an excellent forum.

Using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool, located at https select KeywordToolExternal, is a free tool offered by Google that generates keywords based on a user entering descriptive words or phrases or a Web site URL. Because Google provides this tool, it has the unique advantage of being able to display a measure of advertiser competition. Advertiser competition is in reference to the amount of advertisers bidding on each term within the Google AdWords program. This is helpful in finding new keywords for use in your own PPC account, because the search volume appears right next to the advertiser competition. Keywords that have a fairly high search volume with a low competition rating can make perfect additions to your own keyword lists. The Google Keyword Suggestion Tool also shows seasonal trends in keyword searches. This is useful for planning your SEO campaigns. You should always target keywords with a mix of seasonal and constant search volume. You should also...

Forex Courses and Software Programs

Press releases are a great way to not only get exposure for your company, but also very suited to get quality backlinks for your web site. While I usually recommend or if the budget is a little tighter, there are instances when you do not want to spend 150 to 650 for one press release. There are a bunch of free press release distribution sites. Most of them are pretty worthless They either nave no PageRank, no traffic or allow no dofollow links (unless you upgrade and pay between 1 and 50). But there are some press release distribution sites that have PageRank, good traffic and allow links that are dofollow.

Build a Simple Clean Product Website

Your product website should be similar in look and feel to your App Store product page. A carryover between the two sites will help build buyer confidence in your app and that you are serious about your business. A sloppy website with broken links does not inspire confidence when a buyer is seeking more information about your apps. This does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on your site, but it must look clean and simple. This means that your home page should have graphics and showcase your app just like the App Store. For more information on the specifics of your website see Chapter 6, Electronic Word of Mouth. For now, let's focus on the website message.

An Introduction to Creating Pages b

Title tags are an extremely influential search-engine ranking factor. What you place in your Web page title tags has a substantial effect on where and for what terms your page ranks. Just as importantly, the first thing a human visitor sees when finding your page on the search-engine results is your title tag. Title tags should be descriptive of what your Web page is about and compel potential visitors to visit your site. Create Links Your internal linking structure leads the search-engine spiders and human visitors from one Web page to another on your Web site. The structure of your links tells the search engines what the linked Web page is about. Your internal linking structure is taken into consideration by the ranking algorithms that determine where your Web pages rank for target keywords and phrases. Making it simple for both the search engines and human visitors to find every page on your Web site is critical for optimal Web site structure.

Consistently relevant search results were hard to find Until Google came along

Google's 'PageRank' technology, credits a site based on the number of sites that 'link in' to that site. It also analyzes the importance of the sites 'linking in'. If the second site is rated to be of high importance, the site it links to also increases in 'importance', and it's PageRank increases. Furthermore, unlike many other search engines that can be 'fooled' into displaying irrelevant results, Google's technology makes human tampering with their search results extremely difficult.

Think Like Your Customer

We're already affiliates of because Make Your Price Sell (MYPS ) is a perfect fit for this concept. We'll also provide links to good pricing books at an online bookstore, as well as other related vendors (more in-depth details on how to choose affiliate programs appear in DAY 4). Heck, we'll even provide links to

Tips for Talking to Webmasters

Before you contact webmasters, place a link to their site on your home page or resource page to assure them that you will actually provide a high quality link. Begin your message by talking about your visit to their site and what you found interesting about it. Detail your product or service in one line and ask them to exchange links with you.

Link within Subject Matter Themes

Avoid Broken Links You can use free software like Xenu Link Sleuth, found at to check your Web site for broken links or pages that do not exist. If you link to a page that does not exist, the search-engine spiders may try to crawl and index that page. You can be negatively penalized by the search engines if too many of these broken links exist, either as internal or external links on your Web site. If you are linking to external pages on other Web sites, do frequent checks to make sure they have not been taken down or moved. Although you cannot control the actions of other Webmasters, you can at least make sure that you do not link to pages that no longer exist or whose content has changed.

Monitoring Your Progress

Okay, so you've decided on your keywords, inserted your links and submitted your sites. Now all you have to do is wait for the cash to start pouring in, right Well, not quite. You might get lucky with your first shot, but it has never happened to me that way. Once you've submitted all your links, you need to keep a close eye on them, and see which need improving and which can be dropped.

Think everybody probably wants to get free traffic instead of paying for it So what exactly would be involved in a SEO

The first thing I do is I create the site using the Meta tags and the H1 and H2 header. I add links at the bottom to my other websites so I have backlinks, I have like a net of all my sites, they're all linked, interlinked together and then I'll just have content created or create content on my own. And then after I have the website set up and it's all optimized with the HTML, I'll go out and find link partners, either using my own sites linking back to it or I'll actually purchase links from link brokers or email website owners and try to exchange links with them.

Q What other stuff do they look for

Something that I know a lot about and enjoy. I've done my prep actions. So I am already an affiliate of because Make Your Price Sell (MYPS ) is a perfect fit for my concept. I'll also provide links to good pricing books at an online bookstore, as well as other related vendors (details on how to choose affiliate programs appear in DAY 4).

Cultivating New Customers

Search engines, banner ads, text links and classified ads are all ways to attract clients and build a customer base. It should also be noted that some of the old traditional methods like word-of-mouth referrals still work just as well online. In fact, word of mouth advertising brings me a lot of new business every month.

Is the Company Reputable

Another way to learn about a company that isn't part of an affiliate network or listed in an affiliate directory, is to determine how many links point to their site. If the company has thousands upon thousands of affiliates promoting its products, you may safely assume that the program is reputable.

Writing Your Press Release

The beauty of an electronic press release is that you can include web links, video and graphics in very compelling ways to capture your reader's attention. The online press release can come to life in ways that a printed press release cannot. Depending on the type of app you have written, you will want to consider different options for your announcement. If you are launching a new game app, a video is a great way to get your reader to take a look at how your game is played. At a minimum you'll always want to include your product web page and a link to the App Store so people reading your news release will click over immediately to your app on the App Store and buy it right away. An example of using a video clip (along with web links) in an iPhone app press release is shown in Figure 9.3.

OK Now you also mentioned the Meta tags how important are Meta tags these days because some people say they are very

Yeah, I actually use and the reason why is because, they have a feature where you can submit it to, I think it's Weblogs but because it's Blogger, you know, their page rank is so high anyways that your blog can be searched in or spidered within a few you know, within a week. Or you can do it within 72 hours as well.

Attaching Multimedia to Your Press Release

The great thing about doing an electronic press release is that you can use images, video content, pdf files, and web links. These elements help you bring your press release to life, gain the attention of many readers, and increase your search rankings. If allowed by the online PR service, always include a graphic of your app's main screen or the app's icon in your press release. You can graphically convey what your app does in a split second with a graphic. Don't waste this opportunity to reach your readers.

The 4 Wins That MUST Happen

As we have seen, the best way to deliver that is through outstanding content that gains your visitor's confidence, then using in-context text links to refer recommend direct those visitors to places that you believe will deliver great value.

Good Program to Join

Please do not get the 'reports' URL confused with the URL that you are to use as a link to us. It would be very embarrassing to yourself if you were to accidentally link a banner (or text link) from your site to a 'reports' site (that shows how many visitors 1) Text links 2) Banner links Many sites use BOTH types of links for their website. In other words, they have multiple areas on their site that they link to Connected Satellite and they use both text links and banners. Don't hesitate to link Connected Satellite from multiple areas in your website. Remember, the more people that see Connected Satellite links the more people that link the more people that order the more referral fees you get. Keep in mind that a variety of banners is available on your online reports link. Text Links We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure. You can have one of our banners on your site as the link to one of our products OR you can have a text link to us directly from...

Some definitions are in order

Article pages - 250 to 300 words of text, fully optimized for a Primary keyword and partially optimized for one or two Tier-1 Secondary keywords. By default, any keyword that did not rank as one of the Primary keywords for a Product page can be used as the Primary keyword for an Article page. Every Article page links back to one of your Product pages. You can write as many as your list of keywords allows. No sense in writing for keywords that got searched less than 10 times, though.

First an Overview of the process of building a product page before you begin

Organize your keywords, merchants and Google PageRank with the chart provided a little later. e. Do a PageRank and Backwards Link check at Google before committing to your first choice of a Primary keyword NOTE Please open the Keyword, Merchant and PageRank Chart and print it.

Remember PREsell dont sell

Naturally, if a user is intrigued by a TIER 3 page, and wants to find your home page or the TIER 2 page that leads to this page, you should provide links back, too. However, if you're absolutely determined to get the click or nothing, many pros would agree with you not to provide links up to a higher TIER. It's your call. If you do provide links up the chain, keep them only to what's really necessary and relevant. Your real goal is for your visitor to click through to your merchants

As narrow as possible yet still with lots of profit potential

Once I establish renaissance-artchive, and then, and then, I'll launch my Master home page,, to tie it all together as the place to come for all things art. This home page will contain a global what's in it for you message and then provide links to all my other domains that are already up and running and successful.

How Search Engines Rank Results

Search engines use a number of factors to determine how to rank content. At a high level, search engines associate each set of content with a set of keywords they determine that content is about. When a searcher performs a query, the search engine retrieves all of the pages that are associated with that query, orders them according to relevance and usefulness (based on things like the number of relevant external links pointing to those pages, the anchor text of those external links, and calculations about intent for instance, the search engine will try to show more e-commerce sites if the searcher intends to purchase something), and then ensures the resulting set of pages

Backward link anomaly explained

This was because Google assesses the sending pages PageRank as well. The higher the sending pages PageRank - the more weight it carried in pushing up your page. Keeping in mind that inbound links coming from pages with a higher PageRank themselves carried more weight at Google - I also had a rule of thumb that said I'd only arrange links from pages with a PageRank of 3 or above. NOTE The entire subject of arranging inbound links is covered in my Google Mastery report, and in Step 8, which is provided FREE to all book buyers. I strongly recommend that you take some time to carefully review every aspect of this report, once you get to Step 8. For now, and for simplicity's sake, you need to understand that the fact that you solicit links from other webmasters or offer your own professionally written content (PAD or Professional Article Distribution) embedded with links back to any pages you want high rankings for. And arranging these links is as important as ever.

Mining Additional Revenue with Affiliate Programs

Thousands of iPhone apps and their related web sites are chock full of links back to the iTunes Store and the App Store. What I find odd is that a large percentage of those links are not affiliate links. I'm constantly surprised by just how many iPhone developers still do not take advantage of this free revenue generating opportunity. Earning a 5 percent commission on digital items that may only be priced at 99 cents does not sound like a windfall of money, but just like low-priced app sales, this business model is all about volume. If you're sending app users or site visitors to the iTunes Store and Apple's making money from your links, why shouldn't you be compensated for the sales you're generating for them It's hard enough to make money in the App Store if you're not in the Top 200, so why would you ignore an easy option to earn some extra cash As a software business owner, you should be looking for any and all possible Once you've completed the...

Evaluate Potential Linking Partners

You can determine what is considered a quality link by analyzing a number of factors. One of the most important factors to consider is the age of the domain you are trying to acquire a link from. Google tends to treat older domains that have been around for several years with more respect than domains registered recently. If you can acquire a link to your page from a domain that was registered in 1995, it is likely to have a greater effect on your organic rankings than a link from a domain that was registered last month. You should also try to acquire as many links as possible from domains with .edu and .gov top-level domain extensions. The search engines know that these educational and governmental establishments are much less likely to link to low-quality pages than a typical .com Make sure that pages you are prospecting for links have unique and relevant content to your page's subject matter. The search engines can determine easily whether or not content is duplicated from another...

Using Effective Anchor Text

Choosing appropriate anchor text for both your incoming and outgoing links can play a large role in increasing your search-engine rankings for the terms and keywords your site is targeting. Anchor text is the clickable text attached to a World Wide Web hyperlink. When building links to your Web page, you should always attempt to acquire links with highly descriptive anchor text. Search engines use anchor text to determine the theme of the page being linked to, and anchor text is an important factor in search engines' ranking algorithms. Throughout your link-building efforts, you usually have the opportunity to specify what anchor text you want attached to your link. You want the anchor text of your incoming links to directly relate to the keywords and terms for which you want to increase your search-engine rankings. Do not overuse a specific variation of anchor text. The search engines rank you more highly for more terms if you include some variety in your anchor text selection. If...

Article Directory Submissions

You can generate a large number of relevant links back to your site by writing unique articles and submitting them to article directories, where they can be picked up by other Webmasters and placed on other Web sites. One of the most sought-after commodities by Webmasters is unique content relevant to the theme of their Web site. Article directories are public content depositories where Webmasters can search for and select content to place on their own sites. Usually, this content is in the form of an article written by the Webmaster of another Web site. That Webmaster has the option to include a link to his or her own site that must be left intact when the article is copied by others. Try to write articles between 300 and 1,000 words in length. Make them unique, and also make sure they have proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure in order to have the best chance at being accepted.

Community Participation

Because blog comments tend to be moderated, you should provide useful and constructive responses to avoid being labeled as spam. Adding value to the community increases the likelihood that your link and comment are posted. Comment on blogs that are as closely related to the theme of your Web site as possible. Also, try to find blogs that have a PageRank higher than 4 and possess a large number of relevant incoming links. You can find these blogs by searching for a keyword related to your site in a blog directory such as http or Then, perform an evaluation as you would for any other potential linking partner. Do not waste time submitting comments to blogs that are unrelated to the content of your site. Such comments are viewed as spam and are deleted by the moderators. Acquiring links through blog participation works especially well to achieve rankings in the Yahoo and MSN search engines, but is not as effective a strategy to use in Google....

Whats your sales conversion ratio like both on the email offers and on the websites as well

When we were talking about the search engine optimization, you talked about the content and the keywords, but what about the other things people talk about like getting the inbound links or trading links to get more traffic Yeah, that's really important. Inbound links, I try to trade links and then I also like to write and distribute articles with links in them. You need to get around, usually around 30 links, inbound links and then you'll start noticing some results, but if you don't have any inbound links then your results are going to be pretty dismal. So that's definitely very important.

Select a few merchants advertisers for each Product Page

Each outbound link dilutes Google PageRank to some degree by conferring a portion of whatever PageRank score it previously had on the receiving page. And so, if I had a page with very good PageRank, but, then loaded it with numerous 'outbound' merchant links, - I'm sinking my ship, so to speak. Many do this without knowing. I did it too. But, now I know better. And so do you.

Promoting Your Site With Free Methods

The best article site to submit to is Ezine Articles. They have some rules that you need to follow and it can take a few days at the beginning to get your article approved, but the site has a great page rank and can get your articles on page one of Google pretty easily. Also check out Go Articles which is less strict about rules but still has a fairly good page rank. Ezinearticles will only allow you to include your link in the bio section whereas Goarticles and many other article sites will allow you to include your link in the main body. However. most of them won't allow you to link directly to a vendor. but I wouldn't recommend you do this anyway.

An Introduction to Google Analytics b

If you are setting up any traffic trades, or promoting any affiliate offers on your Web site, keep track of how many clicks you are sending to external sites. For traffic trades, this information can help you negotiate better link placement if you are sending a substantial amount of traffic. For affiliates, this information is invaluable if you monitor the accuracy of the affiliate program's statistic reporting. Another added benefit of tracking your external clicks is explaining bounce rates. A bounce occurs when a Web site visitor leaves your Web site without visiting any other pages. If your home page has numerous external links and a high bounce rate, you can research exactly how many of the recorded bounces came from a user clicking on an external link.

Vertical integration and disintegration

More recently, large manufacturing companies have recognized that the operational problems of vertical integration, i.e. having to cover more stages of the processes, begun to outweigh the competitive advantages. There response has been to hive off parts of their organization. The newly autonomous companies have trading links back to the original parent company but have to trade in wider markets to continue to exist as viable organizations. This process has been called vertical disintegration. A major contributing factor to vertical disintegration has been the ability of organizations to maintain links using modern information technology. Information technology has become the vertical integrator that allows independence but supports interdependence.

The Structure Of Your Site As A Pyramid

1) Your visitor hits a money page -- your highest-profitability Keyword-Focused Content Pages where along with your contact info on how to reach you for more info or for hiring your service, you weave in-context text links to your This page links to TIER 3 pages Your TIER 1 home page links to 7 TIER 2 pages (not more, because your NavBar starts looking pretty congested). And your TIER 2 pages each link to 510 TIER 3 pages.

Offsite SEO Ranking Factors

In addition to including keywords in the text on your website, it is important to have links from other relevant websites pointing to your website, ideally with optimized anchor text. Remember, anchor text is the part of a text link that is clickable, and it is usually indicated by text that is underlined and in blue. In general, the more links you can drive from other websites to your website (from either traditional or mobile websites,) the better you will perform in search results. Because many mobile search results pages include traditional pages, this tactic is still relevant. It is especially true if the links are from sites that have a mobile designation in the file structure, have content that is somehow related to your content, or are considered authorities in their industry. Links from images on other websites can also be valuable, although they are generally considered less valuable than text links. The best way to ensure that an image link from another website passes value...

Include Only Certain Directories

Discussed in the task Track External Links. Applying the filter and tracking a directory separately allow you a quick look at the performance of that part of your Web site. Having certain directories sectioned off also allows you to share reports about just that portion of your site, without sharing the information about your entire domain. Similarly, you can add an additional user to this profile, giving her access only to the directory you want her to see. The Google Analytics directory exclusion filter also gives you a quick way to view reports on incoming traffic sources, as well as external clicks for a particular directory. This information is very useful when negotiating rates with potential advertisers. For example, being able to accurately report the traffic volume of specific areas of your site allows you to provide prospective advertisers with detailed statistical information, which is vital to maximizing the amount of money you can charge for advertising space.

Your iPhone App Deserves a Well Designed Web Site

Having a strong web presence should be mandatory for every iPhone developer, regardless of the fact that the App Store is a closed system. The App Store includes direct external links to a developer's web site and support site from an app's product page, so consumers interested in your application will most likely visit your web site

An Introduction to Social Media Optimization

StumbleUpon is a peer and social networking technology that includes a toolbar that you install in your Web browser. The StumbleUpon toolbar allows you to discover and rate Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles. Getting your Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles submitted to StumbleUpon is an effective way to generate buzz and traffic, and to build backlinks to your Web site.


As Search Engines become more sophisticated, they track more external factors to determine a page's relevancy. For example, if a high-value, topic-related site links to your site, the Search Engine considers your site more credible by association. If a dozen sites do the same, your site appears even more so.

But those with themefocused content sites will be singing

Vii) How much time do we have Well, based on the history of things like link popularity, click counting and PageRank, new stuff gets implemented fairly quickly. Usually within 3 to 6 months. And some these new technologies are already in place on a couple of search engines.

Using Technology Effectively

Sometimes getting traffic can be as much about technology as it is about content (but don't tell your blogger that ). I probably don't need to point out that sites that don't display correctly in the browser, contain broken links or nonfunctional tools, or that aren't reliably available don't get read or book-marked. Your technology sends a message about your competence just as much as the quality of your posts. This concept is especially true for a business blog, which can't look as amateurish as ones written by, well, amateurs.

So they build the site

So things like that. have links on the page. You got to have outgoing links on the page. So maybe I'd link to another page on my own site, or another page on another site, but the hyper link, the text of the link would say something like more information on dog training . So you got to have that keyword in your link as well. You got to have the keyword spread throughout the pages and in certain areas. And that's the basics, we can get more technical. There's other areas it could be placed and people will you know, some search engine optimizers will go crazy and start placing it like, you know, as the third word on the page or the fifth word, which works best I'm not that crazy. I'm more of a build the page, get some incoming links, and move on to the next site and the search engines will finally come around eventually.


This content must deliver good information value about fashion design. Since this is your area of expertise, that's a snap. Your content closes by leading to in-context text links (those caught using banners will have a detention ) for small business owners and consumers

Maximize Exposure with Stumble Upon

StumbleUpon is a peer and social networking technology that includes a toolbar that you install in your Web browser you can use this toolbar to discover and rate Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles. The StumbleUpon service also allows you to submit your own Web pages, videos, photos, and news articles, all of which can help you generate buzz and traffic, and build backlinks to your Web site. As an Internet user you surf the Web and encounter countless Web sites throughout the day that you like and dislike. By installing and using the StumbleUpon toolbar, you can vote for Web sites you like and dislike simply by clicking the Thumbs Up button on the toolbar when you are on a Web site you like, and clicking the Thumbs Down button when you see a Web site you dislike.

The expensive downside covered it is well worth the money to list your site with Yahoo

Being listed in Yahoo's handpicked, human-compiled directory is one of the best ways to make sure that Google's (Alexa rating 5) crawls and picks up your home page quickly. A link from Yahoo will also improve your Google page rank. Even without the Yahoo link, Google will find your page eventually, but if you are looking for lots of traffic fast, a Yahoo listing is where it's at.

The Structure of Your Site

1) Your visitor hits a money page -- your HIGHEST-PROFITABILITY Keyword-Focused Content Pages weave in-context text links to your merchant-partners while OVERdelivering great content. This is how you make your income, so we want to lead your visitors to your highest potential pages ASP. This page links to TIER 3 pages

Im Ready for My Closeup Mr Viewport

The majority of web developers design page layouts based on average desktop screen dimensions, so to accommodate the typical widths of most web sites, Mobile Safari's default zoom is set at a screen width of 980 pixels. This enables all web sites to fit nicely within the Mobile Safari browser window when initially loaded. In Portrait mode, the browser window is only 320 pixels wide, so the pages are scaled down quite a bit, making the text practically illegible. To read the content and tap text links, users are forced to finger pinch the screen to zoom in closer.

And that will cost you in both time and dollars

Remember that a TIER 2 page is a hub page. It not only receives the incoming link from your home page, it delivers outgoing links to TIER 3 pages that are related to it. Of course, smoothly include a text link back to your home page in case they are not interested in clicking through. I said smoothly because you don't want to irritate your visitors.


Only the top-level page from a host is necessary you do not need to submit each individual page. Our crawler, Googlebot, will be able to find the rest. Google updates its index on a regular basis, so updated or outdated link submissions are not necessary. Dead links will 'fade out' of our index on our next crawl when we update our entire index. Enter the full URL, including the http prefix (for example, http of the site you would like to submit. Enter only the top-level page in your site, our crawler will explore the rest of your site from there. We will automatically detect and remove dead links on an ongoing basis. No, you cannot submit your site to Ask Jeeves, or the Teoma crawler that powers it. The only way to make it into this SE's database is to ensure the Teoma crawler can find your site on its own by following an IN-pointing link. This further emphasizes the importance of obtaining a few good links for your site. (A link popularity discussion is coming up...

Using HTML in Blocks for TIER 2 and 3 Pages

You can use the same four HTML tags to format text in your TIER 2 and 3 pages that you used when you built your home page. Use these tags, as needed, when you enter text into Headline Text, Text Link, and E-mail Link Blocks. Click here to review those four tags now (in the home page). 3) Text Link Block -- Use this to set text links (i.e., blue-underlined word links like this one) to other pages within your site, especially TIER-2-to-TIER-3 links. More importantly, use it to earn income by setting links to your merchants. This block uses the Link Library, which we'll talk about in an upcoming section. Text Link 4) E-mail Link Block -- This is similar to the Text Link Block, except it opens your visitor's e-mail software with a blank e-mail addressed to the e-mail address that you specify in the Block. As well, if you want the graphic to serve as a link, complete the second half, with words similar to the Text Link Block (except there's no text). 8) Text Link Block -- This...

Keywords and Hash Tags

Besides crafting your tweet with appropriate keywords, hashtags can also be included. Hashtags are keywords that are preceded with a number ( ) symbol. What makes them special is that Twitter and most third-party clients display hashtags as active text links. Click a hashtag, and a group of recent tweets that include that same hashtag are listed.

Each new optimized Keyword Focused Content Page that you create represents another opportunity to rank well at the SEs

Do not expect to rank highly for the most competitive keywords at first. They will be the last to rank well. Generally, the most focused, specific keywords will start ranking first. And that first trickle of traffic, combined with securing a few inbound links, is what starts momentum building.

Why referrals work best

And a simple text link is all you need. So, even though most advertisers offer an array of marketing materials (creative), - you would be very wise to heed my advice here and go with a simple text link (which most also provide). NOTE Be sure to modify your text links to have the same appearance, - in terms of layout, font and size as the body of your page. Remember that if a visitor finds your site, - and is interested enough to read some of what you've written, -to the point where they eventually glance at your merchant text-link, - then they really are inclined to see you as an authority.

How to create a signature file in Eudora

The more hits you have, the more times your site will show up on other members' browsers. Your links are then displayed all over the network - consisting of 1000s of other webmasters and 1000s of other sites like yours - and with Traffic Swarm, your site is also automatically included in the TrafficSwarm Search Engine. Specifically, your links are displayed when other network users open their web browser, and when visitors leave THEIR website(s) via an exit pop-under window.

Googles Premium Sponsorships

If your advertising budget permits, Google's Premium Sponsorships allow you to purchase highly targeted advertising on the most relevant search engine on the Web. No more than two enhanced text links appear at the top of the Google results page whenever the keywords or phrases you have purchased are searched for by a Google user.

How to modify your Font

For aesthetic reasons it is important to keep the Font styles and sizes of your links consistent with your content. Then, I return to my BBQ Product page and scroll down to the bottom of my page and locate my text link, where I notice that the font needs to be increased in size to match the rest of the text on the page.

Improve Your Link Popularity Build INPointing Links

It is helpful to adopt a link-building strategy of some sort to ensure your business receives proper exposure at the SEs. For all the best 80-20 strategies for building an effective linking strategy, download the free Make Your Links WORK book. 1) Strategy Focused -- gives the most time-and-money-efficient and up-to-date way to build an inbound links program.

An OVERdelivering content site

Let me repeat There is no Table of Contents or NavBar to TIER 3 pages -- it's better to lead them to those pages by creating good, in-context text links within the body of each TIER 2 page. This is the most natural, feel-good way to lead visitors smoothly through a site. Important tip While the Table of Contents text links appear only on your home page, you can choose to place your NavBar on any page of your site. So when you are ordering your navigation, keep in mind that your visitor may be exposed to your NavBar (if you have activated it) much more often than your TOC -- which is another reason why it's important to choose your most profitable 10-15 TIER 2 pages for your NavBar.

Tips tricks and techniques

Okay, now you know how to get text links for your site. 2. Remember, that all words in your text link count for density. So when rewriting these links, I sometimes include my Primary or Tier-1 Secondary keywords as you would any other paragraph, if you are writing a full blown endorsement. 3. You can make these text links appear as copy and make them as long as you want.

DAY 8 Build Free Search Engine Traffic

Ongoing Goal Add other links (both ways) with major directories and theme-related ones. Trade links with other sites as you discover them. And your page about porcupine sex would score (geez, sorry about that ) especially well if many of those links came INto this page from other pages about the, uh reproductive habits of porcupines, and had porcupine mating habits in the incoming links Why Because most sites don't have many links to them at all. If all sites had hundreds of incoming links, link popularity would be a far stronger tool. You'll find that most of them have thousands of incoming links ( had over 200,000 ). But when I did this little experiment, there was one site in the Top 10 that only had a single link in yes, just one So clearly link popularity is not heavily weighted or it would have driven that site out of the Top 10.

So when youre going into Click Bank and youre picking for instance those health products how do you know if its a good

Number two is inbound links, and an inbound link is another website owner linking from their site to your site. So what happens is a search engine like Google or Yahoo or MSN, part of their algorithm is determined by, and the algorithm is the mathematical formula that they use to determine who should be where in the search results. Part of their algorithm, and the major part of it, is who is linking to you So if you've got a nice little site about, you know, hip replacement, they will look at what other websites are linking to you, and every site that links to you is basically a vote for your site because why would a webmaster link to you if you didn't have something worth linking to, and they look at the quality of those sites that are linking to you. So if you've got a hip replacement type website that's recommending a book about back pain, it would be nice if the other websites that link to you were doctor sites and medical sites and sites that make sense. So basically quality...

Research Question 2

Both search engine optimization and search engine marketing are used to acquire traffic for the website. Added to that, interviewee also uses online advertising by placing banners or text links on other websites. Occasionally, he also uses public relations by supplying articles to online magazines. Again, social networking as a non-researched form of traffic acquisition is planned to be used in the future.

Its different and its not necessarily different And theres a lot of confusion out there right now because of the changes

And I guess the best way to say it is there's really three things going on, in fact I can even say this myself. I've got three types of websites. I've got the sites I built years ago, some of them do OK, some of them. when I say OK, I'm talking on Google now. Some of them, although they look OK, I can't find them on the top 400 search results. Those sites were not heavily, it was early in my career, there's not a lot of good content on them. And there's not a lot of good inbound links. You take a look at the other side to today, you take a look at some of my sites that are very well constructed, that have good quality content and good quality inbound links that rank top of the list, those ones are doing good and the old ones are doing bad, and I've looked at the two side by side, to see what's the difference. The difference is quality. Link partner gathering as the only method of gathering inbound links to a site. Not focusing on quality content, focusing on adding pages just for the...

Let Visitors Market Your Site

Having a high page rank for your personal website is, in part, about getting external links back to your app product website. You do this by getting visitors to post comments about your site and app on blog posts and on their own websites. Blogging is a great way to help your site get noticed and keep visitors coming to it. Be sure to utilize the AddThis button on your site to promote your apps and website. The AddThis button can be installed on your blog or website pages, and it allows visitors to share your content with their friends and coworkers who use Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, TypePad, Blogger, WordPress, and other social media sites.

Helping Your Company Site to Rank Well

As mentioned on page 112, relevant external links to your site are an important factor in how search engines decide how to order search results. By raising awareness about your brand and product on a site such as Digg or Flickr, you increase the chances that others will mention (and link to) you in blogs, forums, and social networking sites. The key is targeting an interested audience. While Digg has a large audience, it may not include very many people who are interested in your industry and who are likely to, in turn, blog about it.


Suppose you are paying 5 cents per click for a keyword (minimum bid at Overture). That means 1,000 clicks costs you 50. Suppose you do a decent PREselling job and a total of 20 of your visitors click on at least one of the five in-context text links on your Keyword-Focused Content Page. That's 200 people visiting your merchants. If your merchants average a 1.5 Conversion Rate, that's 3 sales. So, if the average commission is 20, your 50 has returned 60. And if you've chosen good affiliate programs, ones that offer lifetime customer commissions, you've gained 3 lifetime customers

Immediately through the site is a small but regular proportion of the sales and I would say if I generate 100 affiliate

I also do in a RSS feed that goes out and immediately causes there to be hundreds of links back to that page, because the RSS feed has the link to that page and the short summary of what will be found on that page, and a lot of people use those on their websites. So, it gives me the ability to put something out and have it go immediately up into the higher reaches on the pages, or on the search engine, depending on what it is. Now, from my point of view looking for the traffic, I don't think having my feed on these other people's sites, unless they are actually involved or residents, helps me, and actually I rarely see measurable amounts of traffic coming from all these other sites. What I do know is having it out there helps my search engine ranking because the search engines see them as backlinks, which are important, and that's the true benefit of the RSS feed. I never link directly to the person's site through the ClickBank link on the website, and when I am looking at products, I...

Case Study 3 Reebok Shawn Kemp Kamikaze Ad

Be interpreted as subtle critiques of New Zealand conservatism, which could potentially impede international trade links and the advancement of the local economy. In short, there was an apparent fear within some sectors that New Zealand would gain a reputation for being overly resistant, indeed, bordering on paranoid, to global economic development (Goll, 1995). The basis of this fear was confirmed by the fact that the Reebok case was linked to other recent bans of non-sport-related advertisements in New Zealand. For example, Goll (1995 1) in an Asian Wall StreetJournal article titled New Zealand bans Reebok, other ads it deems politically incorrect for TV, discussed the recent banning of Coca-Cola Co., Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), and Chanel SA ads.

Email Newsletters or Ezines

The use of newsletters can also help build content for your website which increases search engine visibility. Another great benefit is that your newsletters, ezines or ebooks will proliferate links on many sites that point back to your site. Several leading search engines, including Google, use page-ranking algorithms that measure how many links point to your site and rank your page in search findings

A link builders mindset

Successful students of my training understand that developing inbound links to their sites is critical to building a top-ranking site. Before I get into 7 link building strategies you can follow to successfully gather up the links you need, I would like to encourage you to take on a link builder's mindset - prior to getting started. You see, unlike many of the Steps you have already completed, which can be finished in a single sitting, link building is done incrementally over time a period of time. And as you work diligently on your own habitual link building, here are a few things you should remember to do. Now, just focus intently on your own link building by Tracking your links and your progress

Viral Marketing on the

Inbound links from other websites to your website provide two benefits increased traffic to your site and increased rankings in search engines that calculate inbound links in their algorithm, like Google. Like you, other site owners are trying to increase their link popularity and require reciprocation or give preferential placement of your link on their site if you provide a link in return. This means you need a page or directory on your site to provide reciprocal links. Creating a links page or directory within your site makes your site more content rich and certainly more viral in nature.

Distribute a number of professionally written articles

You can bet your bottom dollar on this, folks my PAD Technique is the absolute best way to gather inbound links to your site. 2. Add two or three anchor text links pointing back to the Home and Product pages of your site It's a win-win scenario. You receive two or three quality anchor text links back to your site and the Webmaster receives a quality article for their site for free. 4. It is the most important job you can do because you can have the nicest site in the world, but with no inbound links, you will not gain top rankings at the search engines It's located in Part THREE - Mastering Your Links of my

Set up a link to us page

And this even occurs with sites that have no relation to my sites topic, - which boosts PageRank, regardless. By writing text for your link partner , - you insure that the most appropriate anchor text is used. But as you will see in the example below, - I provide links to my Home and Product pages, - which, as you know,

Sell Reviews with ReviewMe

Despite being a controversial topic, getting paid to do a review on your blog can be profitable. One of the more ethical companies in the realm of paid blogging is ReviewMe. ReviewMe rarely receives as much heat as some of the other pay-for-blogging networks because of its transparency. ReviewMe also does not dictate the content of the blog post. Some networks require that you write a glowing, positive review in order to be paid. Not so with ReviewMe. Publishing paid reviews is a simple and effective way to monetize a powerful blog. This form of advertising does not require you to have anything on your Web site that actually looks like an ad. So, if standard Web banners and text links are not an avenue you want to pursue, paid blogging with ReviewMe is a very attractive alternative.

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