Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

ABOUT fifty years ago, when the subject of English furniture first began to be studied and to be written about, it was divided conveniently into four distinct types. One writer called his books on the subject The Age of Oak, The Age of Walnut, The Age of Mahogany and The Age of Satinwood. It is not really quite as simple as that, for each of the so-called Ages overlaps the others and it is quite impossible to lagt down strict dates as to when any one timber was introduced or when it finally, if ever, went out of favour.

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Build Something Unique

What are your favorite hobbies Is there anything about those hobbies that could be improved by applying an app solution to the problem (Hobbies can be anything that you enjoy gardening, stamp collecting, photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, cooking, collecting anything, antiques, and so on.)

Commercial arrangement for transactions

It can be seen from Table 2.3 that each of these commercial arrangements is similar to a traditional arrangement. Although the mechanism cannot be considered to have changed, the relative importance of these different options has changed with the Internet. Owing to the ability to rapidly publish new offers and prices, auction has become an important means of selling on the Internet. A turnover of billions of dollars has been achieved by eBay from consumers offering items ranging from cars to antiques. Many airlines have successfully trialled auctions to sell seats remaining on an aircraft just before a flight.

Battling for Position in the Fast Lane

The car impressed the press, so later ads incorporated their favourable comments 'Imagine a big saloon that is faster than a BMW 735i, quieter than a Jaguar Sovereign and as meticulously engineered as a Mercedes. The Lexus LS400 is all of these and more.' The launches of other Japanese models have used positioning strategies similar to that used by Toyota for Lexus. Nissan's new coupe used a quotation from Autocar & Motor as a headline 'Brilliant new 200SX, Ferrari iooks, Porsche pace'. Underneath the Nissan logo they also promote 'Nissan UK Ltd, Worthing, Sussex'. Mazda's MX- 5 Miata is also in the mood of more exotic antiques and must have Rover sobbing. It was designed in the United Kingdom, hut when it was being road tested in California, the drivers were plagued by people demanding to know where they could get one. The ear's launch used 1960s imagery and profuse references to Austin Healey, MG and Triumph. Like Nissan's nostalgia cars, the MX- 5...

Look before leaping into brand extensions

L Best furniture brand extension Antiques Roadshow furniture by Pulaski Furniture This cobranded extension fits well with the attributes, markets, and messages of both brands. The new line features 60 pieces inspired by significant discoveries on the popular PBS program Antiques Roadshow.

Consumerto Consumer C2C

Much consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online marketing and communication occurs on the Web between interested parties over a wide range of products and subjects. In some cases, the Internet provides an excellent means by which consumers can buy or exchange goods or information directly with one another. For example, Tradus, Auctions,, and other auction sites offer popular market spaces for displaying and selling almost anything, from art and antiques, coins and stamps, and jewelry to computers and consumer electronics.

Could we start with a brief background of yourself and your various websites

Yeah, I teach people how to run profitable home based antiques and collectibles businesses. I got started by running my own business, buying and selling toy trains, and then I started teaching people how to buy and sell toy trains, moved into the general antiques market, and then when eBay came along I added eBay to the mix, because basically eBay is the elephant in the room.

Immediately through the site is a small but regular proportion of the sales and I would say if I generate 100 affiliate

It's taken years, and it's been a learning process in order to get the people in. For the eBay oriented stuff, those lists grow faster because there's more people promoting it and there is more constant and regular promotion. For the antiques and collectibles list, that grows very slowly because it's mostly a result the people going to search engines, searching for something and seeing one of my pages in the results, and then coming to the website. I offer an email course on the iWantCollectibles site. That teaches people how to buy and sell antiques and collectibles, which actually the course is nothing more than an explanation of how to do something, about 80 content and then about 20 pitching at the bottom, and that builds my credibility and also gets those sales. For the article that I was doing or spoke about earlier with Women's Day, they are actually looking for women who have turned their hobbies into businesses. They are not looking for people like me that teach people how to...

Interviews on audiovideo

An excellent way to promote yourself or your business is to stage an interview on video or audio tape. For example, let's say Bob Johnson is a successful antiques dealer and trader, and let's say a business reporter wants to sit Bob down for a discussion of the rare antiques industry. In the course of the interview, the reporter covers a wide range of topics, including what it takes to be a success in this field. If Bob gives insightful answers to the reporter's ques tions, what you have is an excellent and informative presentation that others interested in rare antiques can learn from. It can also attract new customers because those who see or hear the interview will come to view Bob as an expert in his field, and they'll be eager to do business with him - because he's one of the best.

Participating in Forums Newsgroups and IVcb Communities

Ffew roups are the InterneL version of tbruins. Unlike commercial forums, newsgroups are made up of groups of people posting and reading messages on a specified topic of interest to them, rather than managing libraries or conferencing. Internet users can participate in newsgroups without subscribing. The discussions are like a telephone conference call, only everything is typed onscreen and people can come and go at any time over a period of days and might not even 'say' anything at all. There are thousands of newsgroups dealing with every imaginable topie, from healthy eating, home repairs and caring for your Bonsai tree to collecting antique cars or exchanging views on the latest soap opera happenings. For example, one newsgroup,, on a section of the Internet called usenet, hosted a discussion about the reliability of different versions of one model of Volkswagen car. Newsgroups earry a lot of information about customers, and companies can take advantage of the chance...

Discount and Allowance Pricing

Discount Pricing And Allowance

A quantity premium is sometimes charged to people buying higher volumes. In Japan it often costs more per item to buy a twelve-pack of beer or sushi than smaller quantities because the larger packs are more gift able and therefore less price sensitive. Quantity surcharges can also oecur when die product being bought is in short supply or in sets - for example, several seats together at a 'sold-out' rock concert or sports event - and some small restaurants charge a premium to large groups. Similarly, in buying antiques, it costs more to buy six complete place settings of cutlery than a single item. In this case the price will continue to increase with volume, eight place settings costing more than six, and twelve place settings costing more than eight. Quantity premiums are more common than people imagine, and that is why they work. Consumers expect prices to deerease with volume and so do not check unit prices. This allows retailers to slip in high-margin items. Quantity surcharge...

OK so what particular products do you promote from the Click Bank Marketplace

Addition to my products, I promote products about eBay and about antiques and collectibles, so for example I promote Elaine Krieg Smith's How to Sell Collectible Books on eBay package, I promote Gary Hendrickson's How to Sell Books on, I promote Jim Cockrum's, The Silent Sales Machine, which is also about eBay, how to build a back end with your eBay business. Whereas with the eBay and antiques and collectibles stuff, for example on my website there is a review of an eBay book, and the book answers questions by telling people to go to eBay and search the help menus. Now that's not an answer. You know, the answer, at least in my books, and the books that I promote, a question is answered based on experience, and here is how I've done it, and this is how I've learned to do this, and these are the results that I've found. Not, if you're having problems go to eBay and check the help menu out.


Colonial plantation furnished with various periods of antique furniture. Available for private parties. Scheduled tours. Fee 5 adults, 2.50 children, 4 seniors. Group rates available. Dining on-site. Overnight accommodations. 23 miles from New Orleans.