Using Ebooks for Affiliate Marketing

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If you've been delving into affiliate marketing at all, you're no doubt aware of the viral potential for ebooks. It's the affiliates who make them viral, after all, passing the word about the product to their website visitors, ezine subscribers, and clients, with the goal of earning a commission from a sale. This is, after all, exactly how the "Dotcomology" ebook has become so popular.

The possibility of re-branding the ebook (that is, customizing certain portions of it, or changing the affiliate link coding so that the current host of the download can gain from the affiliate commissions) adds pass-along momentum as discussed earlier.

Let me explain the concept of re-branding further. If you've created a useful ebook which also promotes your products or services and where affiliates can change the links in your book to point to their affiliate links, you can let your affiliates give this book away to their visitors and subscribers as something useful for them, as well as something that gives your affiliates a chance of selling your products to everyone who reads their branded copy of your ebook.

Remember, an ebook can come in the form of a report, a catalog, a sales presentation, a detailed list of features, and so much more -the possibilities are endless. It could be whatever that is helpful to your visitor and your customer. It can contain graphics, hyperlinks and, with some compilers, even animated graphics and multimedia.

An affiliate can use downloadable ebooks to enhance the attractiveness of his or her website or ezine, use the ebook as an incentive or simply engender a feeling of trust in their visitors and readers by providing quality information and advice for free.

This technique allows affiliate program merchants to help their affiliates to become more acquainted with viral marketing and more effective in selling online. Using ebooks as a source of affiliate viral marketing can dramatically increase traffic and profits for any website.

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