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This is an online ad tracking tool. AdMinder provides an ad tracking service that can be used with multiple websites. It provides the capability to track clicks, actions and sales. AdMinder provides reporting as well as the ability to export your data in CSV format, which you can use in MS Excel for additional analysis.

Some of its key features are:

0 Browser-based-service, so no installation required 0 Works with all major web browsers 0 Provides key financial stats 0 Allow for grouped reports

0 Unlimited campaigns

ProAnalyzer Ad Tracking System is a CGI program that installs on your website's cgi-bin directory and tracks your ad click-throughs and sales without paying a monthly fee. When a visitor enters your website from an ad URL, a cookie is placed on his web browser and a click-through is recorded. If the visitor purchases a product, that cookie is read on the Thank You page with the purchase total, and the sale is recorded for the ad that generated it.

You can track sales or results either by the campaign name, the revenue generated by a sale, or the action accomplished (lead generated, etc.). The Administration Area allows you to monitor each of your campaigns showing hits, sales, and the conversion rate for each. You can configure how the program calculates the conversion rate (by raw hits or unique hits) and how results are sorted.

There are lots of different ways to bring customers to your site. So far we've discussed search engines, banner ads, text links, classified ads and some "old-fashioned" offline marketing strategies.

As you learn these methods and begin to put them in practice, it's important to remember that no single method has all the answers. The best marketing campaigns are a combination of them all.

In the next chapter, we're going to look at another exclusively online method of building a customer base and making money: affiliate programs. Of course, the best way to learn about affiliate programs is simply to sign up for a few of them yourself and do some marketing. The Plug-In Profit Site makes it very easy to get started in the exciting and profitable world of affiliate marketing. Click here to launch your own automated affiliate marketing system today.

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