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Google has a section that deals with news. Depending on the niche the results from the news part of the Google index are also shown in the regular Goggle results.

The competition for the news part is usually much smaller than for the regular results. Once you submit a story that is indexed by Google news, it automatically lands on top of all the other stories.

You can profit from this buy submitting articles to press release sites. Many chare a few for listing your article, but there are many press release site that are free and give you the same bang, at least as far as ranking for your keyword is concerned.

The paid press release service that I use is and And yes, there are people who use these paid press release services for promoting affiliate program. You can by the way get the PRNewswire distribution for $399 instead of the $650, if you go through

It makes sense for example to capture the launch traffic from a major player by submitting a paid press release and paying $150 to $650.

But in most cases a free press release will give you the same benefits. There are a bunch of free press release distribution sites.

Most of the free press release submission sites are pretty worthless: They either nave no traffic or you cannot put a link into your press release. But there are some press release distribution sites that have good traffic and allow links that are dofollow.

If a press release service is not syndicated by Google News, it's pretty worthless.

On the next page you'll see a list of free press release web sites.

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