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Affiliate marketing is nothing new. You get paid for promoting other people's products. The commission can be for a sale or a lead, depending on the program. The percentages vary between a few percent and 70 or 75% and sometimes even more.

Most affiliates focus on promoting things where the possible commission ranges from a few cents to maybe 10 or 20 dollars per conversion.

While it is often true that cheaper products sell better than more expensive products, it is not true that it is more difficult to make money as an affiliate if the product is more expensive or just pays a better commission.

You can for example get up to $300 commission by promoting a certain TV service that costs only $35 initially to the consumer. Comparable services cost about $60 to $80 per month. So, do you think it is too difficult to sell this service? Well, it's not that easy or everybody and their sister would do it. But you'll learn that it is not too difficult either.

Or you can promote a certain Forex course, where you can pocket $350 to $700 per sale. How this can be done will also be covered in detail.

Or you can promote luxury homes and run home with $1,000 for every sale, Yes, I have to admit, that this particular program is not the easiest, at least for beginners.

When somebody goes shopping, they usually have at least a rough idea regarding the price of the item that they are going to buy. If somebody is out to spend $4,000 on a luxury watch, you might as well be the person that gets credit for that sale.

In this eBook you are going to learn about these various affiliate programs and offers that pay over $100 per conversion. You will also learn how to promote these offers.

There are many ways how to promote affiliate programs and offers on the internet. Some ways are better suited than others for a given program.

In the first part of this eBook I will show you many different high ticket affiliate programs and I will use each one to illustrate a certain way of promoting that particular affiliate program. This does not mean that a certain form of promotion or advertising is limited to just one program.

Each program can be successfully promoted in several different ways. While you can use exactly what I suggest, you will see that very often it works much better if you give it your own twist and try for yourself what works best.

One thing is very important: Only promote things that you would buy yourself. If there is a certain market or program that you do not like, just leave it alone. If you only do it for the money, it will be very difficult to make it work.

The programs that I have listed here were selected because they offer fairly high payouts. It does not mean that I recommend all of them. You have to use your own judgment and pick what is right for you.

Enjoy! HP Jeschke

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