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DIRECTV offers cable TV services. They do not have a direct affiliate program, but you can promote their offer via several CPA networks.

The commission varies, depending on which CPA network you pick. It goes from $230 to $289 street. "Street" is the advertised payout given to the general public. If you build a relationship with your affiliate manager and deliver good traffic, you can always get a raise.

The maximum that I have seen so far is $300 for on new DirecTV customer. The network that offers this is Their street price is $275, buy if you just give them a few conversions per week, they'll up it to $300. Just ask for Ron and tell him HP sent you.

How to promote DirecTV?

One excellent way is to use PPV. That is pay per view.

Trafficvance is by far the best PPV network. It require a $1000 initial deposit and only an active advertiser (one spending at least $50 per day) can refer you. I do have an account with them, but as I am currently not running any campaigns, I cannot refer you. If you absolutely have to get in and have some experience in this area, you can contact me and maybe we can work out how to get you in.

Here are some other sites where you can buy PPV advertising:

With PPV you either target keywords or complete URLs. Targeting keywords is not recommended, as you will waste too much money.

The trick is to target exact URLs. But you have to be careful not to target too broad. Target customers for DIRECTV are for example people that are in the market for a HD DVR receiver. When you sign up for DirecTV, you get a HD DVR free.

So, you can for example target Best Buy. But not, but the category that deals with TV and Video:

Or you can target, but for sure not, but the category Satellite & Cable TV: nkw=hd+dvr& catref=1& fln=1& trksid=p3286.c0.m282

To give you an idea how PPV works, let's take Trafficvance as an example. A person goes to and downloads their game toolbar. After the toolbar is installed on their machine, they can play certain games for free. In exchange they are shown 1 or 2 ads during the day. The traffic is sold through, their sister site.

As there are millions and millions of people who have that toolbar installed, you can get a lot of traffic from Trafficvance. Whenever somebody that has the toolbar installed visits a site that you targeted, they will see your ad. Ad in this case is a full web site.

That means somebody surf for example eBay in order to buy a new or used DVR. Now they are shown the DIRECTV site with your link. As you can imagine, the percentage of people actually signing up for DirecTV would be fairly high.

They are in the market for a HD DVR and now you show them that they get one for free and they only have to pay $35 now.

PPV works like a charm once you have figured out how it works. The key is to come up with targeted URLs, especially those that have very low competition on the network.

By the way, you can sign up for and see what others advertise. It takes some time, but soon you will know exactly what works and what does not work.

When you do PPV, make sure that you set extremely tight daily limits for your campaigns, as you can often burn through hundreds of dollars within hours. If you find out later that your nice spike of traffic was from because somehow the long URL was not saved, you will be a little less happy to say the least.

Another route with DIRECTV is to advertise offline.

You can for example print a bunch of fliers or door hangers and distribute them. You can hire companies to do that for you, once you have found out what works. In the beginning you should do it yourself and see what response you get.

2,500 door hangers cost about $200 or less. If you plan the distribution properly, it should take 1 person about 4 days to distribute them. If you pay $9 per hour you should be able to get as many people as you want to distribute your hangers.

Make sure you supervise them properly and spot check whether they actually distribute the hangers or flyers.

In this example the distribution would cost $288. If you add the production cost, your total comes to $488. That means you only need 2 conversions from your 2,500 door hangers in order to break even.

Let's say you would do all the distribution yourself, you could distribute 12,500 within 20 days. If you would only get 1 conversion out of 1,000, you would have 12.5 conversions. Take that times 300 and you get 3,750. Subtract from that the $500 and you have got yourself a job that brings in $3,250 per month. Now imagine how much you would make, if you would get 1 conversion out of 100, which is what usually can be expected.

It is not exactly any online business, but once you have figured out how it works exactly, you could create yourself a pretty decent income to say the least.

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