You may discount the irrelevant noncompeting sites entirely and be glad that they dont pose a possible threat

However, if you discover through research that a site is completely irrelevant to the search term that it showed up under, it is well worth your while to drop the editors at Overture or Google a note about your findings. Sites that pay to advertise under irrelevant terms push everyone else's prices up.

Say for example that the site that has the first listing under the keyword 'wine bag' is bidding 25 cents to hold that spot. If you plan to sell wine bags and compete with this fellow on Overture, you'd have to pay 26 cents to claim the top listing.

You shouldn't have to compete with an advertiser that doesn't deliver what they falsely promise. Overture's listing guidelines are very stringent about relevancy, and you'll have no problem getting this fellow de-listed from that keyword. Not only will you save money by writing that note to Overture, but you will also save Overture's users time when they don't have to visit useless sites.

Competing Affiliate & Merchant Sites

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