Working for the Company

Does any part of the following scenario describe your average workday?

You are frightened awake at some time between 4 and 8 am. (There's a reason they're called 'alarm' clocks.)

On gaining consciousness, you feel disappointed when you realize that this is another workday. Somewhat grudgingly, you get out of bed, perform your daily ablutions, and try to swallow a piece of burnt toast. You then kiss the family goodbye and head out the door.

You struggle against horrendous vehicular traffic on the highway, or humans on public transit, and feel totally frazzled long before you arrive at your place of work.

You toil between 35 and 70 hours a week. Your boss seems to think that a pat on the back is for pets. You are paid less than your work is worth. Paltry remuneration in hand, you share the highway on your way home with likewise disgruntled motorists.

Over dinner, you and your spouse share similar tales of working woe. Most of the time you are too tired after work to do anything but watch TV. Fun is reserved for weekends.

After too few hours of relaxation in the evening, it is time to prepare for the following day's work. You make a lunch, lay out your clothes, and head for bed.

You hope to beat the odds of company downsizing and rapidly advancing technology, so that you can repeat this working day scenario for decades to come.

After thirty-five years, someone will thank you for your contribution, shake your hand, then show you the door.

To reward your lifetime of effort, you'll continue to receive regular income. However, if your income was small, your retirement check will be even more meager. You now have more time on your hands, more hobbies to pursue and less money to pursue them with.

It's also unlikely that your retirement income will cover even basic necessities in ten or twenty years unless it has been indexed for inflation.

Put like that, working for 'the company' seems like a sad prospect, doesn't it?

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