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Websponsors' application process is short, sweet and pretty much automatic. You simply click the link in the email they send you to confirm your request to join their advertising Network. They have the usual caveat about having read and agreed to their rules as a condition of acceptance, but they go one better and require confirmation that your site has a Privacy Policy in place.

Everything about WebSponsors' interface is easy to use. Their 'Creative Rotation Manager' allows you to add rotating banners to your site that are specific to profiles that you create. This helps with your ad tracking. While other networks offer the same feature, WebSponsors interface is just quicker and easier to use.

One very cool feature that WebSponsors offers is their 'co-branding' tool. It allows you to build a subdomain of their Free2Try.com and TrialOffers.com. The tool provides an interface with which you can add a logo and header to your subdomain, as well as choose colors for the text, links and background. Just for fun, I tried out the interface and added my header from finditat.rosalinds.com to co-brand both subdomains. Here are the results:

^ http://webvista.trialoffers.com/ ^ http://webvista.free2try.com/

Although those aren't the types of sites that I would typically promote, they do give me very quick access to my link codes. As you can see when you cursor over any of the links on either of those sites, my affiliate ID has been embedded into each of the links.

If I want to promote any one of those offers separately on another site, it's really easy for me to right-click on the link I want and add it to the new page that I'm creating. The only downside to using those links is that the subdomains are dynamically generated and the links are changing all the time. If you hard-code a link into another page, you could find out later that the offer has expired and that you've been sending your visitors to a broken link. And that's never good.

The Websponsor folks care enough about their affiliate partners to have built a nice little webmaster resource section that includes a Web site submission engine, scripting tools and webmaster tips.

Here is a sample of some of WebSponsors' past and present clients.

• Sports Illustrated

• Entertainment Weekly

• Wall Street Journal

• Rolling Stone

• Forbes Magazine



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