Web Site Statistics

Each time a surfer requests one of your Web pages, all the details and files associated with that page are recorded in what is called the server log, which is stored on your host's server.

To access this information, your host may provide full web site statistics reporting, or just the raw logs. If all you get is raw server logs, then you'll probably want to use log analyzer software, as raw logs are very difficult to make sense of otherwise.

Here is some of the information you can derive from analyzing your Web site's server logs:

• Traffic data including unique visitors, number of visits, pages viewed, hits, bytes. These numbers will be broken down on a monthly, daily and hourly basis.

• Number of visitors by country of origin.

• Numb ers of spider/robot visits.

• Traffic source IP addresses.

• The number of times each page on your site was viewed.

• Which pages are used as entry and exit pages.

• The number and percentage of hits by file type.

• The number and percentage of hits by browser type.

• The number and percentage of hits by operating system type.

• Whether visits originated from bookmarks, search engine, newsgroup, links from external sites (other than search engines)

Most good Web hosts give you access to your server logs. If you don't know how to find your server logs, consult your host's help files or contact them and ask.

If your host offers only raw logs, I've provided both free and paid log analysis (tracking) software solutions below.

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